A belated Mother’s Day πŸ™†πŸ’—

Dear Dayre,

I brought mama out for a belated Mother's Day date on Monday since I was busy with concert on Sunday and Monday is mama's half off-day!

Most people who look at my mama would not know that she has been working seven days a week, for the past 30 years.

She married my daddy at 18, has worked for him daily ever since, gave birth to Gina at 19, me at 21 and to Lina at 25!

Wtf I'm already 27 and in comparison I am like so far behind πŸ˜‚

The only times she doesn't work is when the business is closed for a few days during CNY and when my parents go on holiday. Took this shot when we were in Hong Kong earlier this year.

It's always a heartwarming sight for me to see my parents arm-in-arm.. :')

Summer of 98'.

My mama has always had that envious "η“œε­θ„Έ"… Walao don't need Botox and surgery one. Unfortunately I didn't inherit those genes. πŸ˜”

Trivia: My mama always gives that half-smile in pictures because she doesn't want to reveal her crooked front teeth (and also now, the wrinkles around her eyes).

Made mama smile with teeth. 😁

In actual fact, she's an extremely happy-go-lucky person who's always laughing about silly things and I think I inherited some of that from her!

And this is mama looking extremely radiant and youthful after a session of RF (radio frequency) treatment at #IDSclinic!

My mama has always been a vainpot so I thought it would be nice to do something to make her look and feel prettier for Mother's Day.

Thanks to @chesterwan who made the special arrangements for me! 😘

During the RF treatment..

After treatment!

The RF treatment really made Mummy look like she was 5 years younger! Usually though, you need at least 6 sessions to maintain the results of firming and collagen stimulation so one session isn't enough to see lasting results. Shall try to psycho my dad into paying for a RF package for mama.. 😏

Brought her to Miam Miam at Bugis Junction for a meal after treatment, and YZ joined us too! ☺️

Lucky for me, YZ gets along very well with my mummy and appreciates her as much as I do. Mummy always cooks for us and YZ loves my mama's home-cooked food.

Mummy really deserves a very special day all to herself!

We ordered some of the signature dishes at Miam Miam and I'm gonna show you my favourites! πŸ˜‹

Green tea is one of their signature flavours and you have to try this hot matcha white chocolate! 😍

This is also one of the star dishes on the menu for me: Miam Miam Spaghetti! Super shiok I tell you.

They are very precise in their cooking methods one so you will always get the same quality of al dente pasta!

Anyway this one is sautéed with frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, eggplant and bacon 😍 Tossed with French butter, some secret broth and shoyu! (Reference from website one. Haha)

Second best thing ever is the Riz Au Curry: Baked rice with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli cheese and egg 😍 I love it!!

This can get rather jelat cos it's so rich and savory, best for sharing!

I also tried the squid ink pasta and soufflΓ© au curry, but I gotta say I love these two dishes best out of all four!

All their food is made from scratch, by the way!

And the best dessert has to be the French Toast! Drizzled in maple syrup and topped with whipped cream… Sinful much?

My dearest mummy. ☺️

Posting this pic because.. I look relatively skinny here πŸ˜‚

Lift mirror selfie!!!

Also one of the last few shots before my camera went screwy FML. The flip screen has been a bit problematic for a while and now the entire screen is just blank even though it still takes pictures! 😭 I need to bring it to repair before my trip!

妈ε’ͺοΌŒηˆ±ζ­»δ½ ε“¦! ❀️

I'm wearing a new dress from #thevelvetdolls that I'm super in love with. Mad gorgeous prints and the fabric is so lux! It's neoprene material and super flattering. You can't see it but there are embroidery cut-out details near the shoulders.. 😍v

@sweetscupcakes to show you. Haha!


TVD website is gonna be up by this week and I can't wait, praying that everything goes smoothly!

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