Dear Dayre,

Mad rush from place to place.. Started with appointment at Slim Couture! Took this in the lift of Singapore Shopping Centre lol.

Lost about 2kg since I started at Slim Couture a month ago! 🎉 Though I'm targeting to lose another 4kg at least. Meh.

Showing off my new Samsung nx mini. Excited to bring it to Korea with me! And I have a selfie stick too 😂

If you noticed, I washi-ed all my gadgets. Itchy fingers, I just like them looking colorful and pretty.

Had brunch at Skyve before Innisfree event!

Innisfree has a new bb cushion! Comes in either "Long wear" or "Water glow".

I've been using bb cushions almost daily (Laneige, IOPE) and I can't wait to give this a try too!

What was a nice photo of me, Jamie, Roseanne and Sheryl until my mem card screwed it up 😭 Bought a new mem card already. 😔

All these shots straight out from Samsung Nx mini! Trying to play around with it more so I can really experience how good a camera it is. So far it is performing pretty good!

Selfies! What the camera is totally made for. One with @withlovetricia and @evonnz. Again, no edits! Too pressed for time to edit photos just for Dayre 😥

Right after Innisfree we hopped over to Tang plaza for the next event: YSL is launching their new eyeshadow palettes, super 😍😍😍

✨YSL Couture Eyeshadow Palettes✨

Just thought the YSL cupcakes were really pretty 😂

Cool action shot. There were four models dolled up with the new palettes and this was one of the looks!

Very high-fashion couture looks created with the new palettes 😍

Selfie with mr selfie prince @yutakis! 😍

Lip color heaven..

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