Dear Dayre,

I haven't had Mcdonalds breakfast for the longest timeeeeee 😳

YZ sent me to class on Saturday morning so we popped by Macdonalds for breakfast and I had the new Sunriser's wrap thingy with chicken sausage and scrambled egg!

It's really tinyyyy 😳

Happy YZ with his McMuffin and hashbrown.

By the way, do you know about this McDonalds app?? It's called Surprise Alarm and you can download it to get a surprise every day! 🍟🍔🍴

I redeemed a free Coke!! Hahaha cheap thrill. 😂 I know that sometimes you can get 1-for-1 nuggets or something. And other special treats! Sometimes it just gives you a crap wallpaper.

Well, small things make me happy 🙈

Sent YZ a super bad quality photo of me lol during rehearsal in the afternoon.

Put on too much blush today for some reason.

Anyway, had Mother's Day dinner with YZ's family! We went to a restaurant in Bedok with the entire family!

YZ's niece and nephew are really cute.

Lol.. And they all look alike!

Zylia and Zavier hehe.

Super naughty one these two. But they are adorable like all kids are!

Diet super not clean recently haizzzzz. Only left two weeks to photoshoot 😭

My mother really laugh die people. Her English is not very good and she always posts the funniest things on Facebook!

Mother's Day message to all her "sisters in lows" 😂

My aunts also very funny.

They always leave weird comments on my Instagram!

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