Dear Dayre,

I can't get to sleep because I'm thinking about TVD's relaunch tomorrow!

And also thinking about tomorrow's studio shoot too, to start preparing for next collection.

Spent the whole of today doing website and TVD stuff like editing photos, configuring more backend options and putting up previews on Facebook and I'm so happy to see the excited customers!


It's time to get back into action! I have missed seeing my website so much.

I may have spent a lot of time the past few months focusing on my blogging commitments but deep down at heart I don't consider myself a blogger, but a blogshop owner.

Just that now we upgrade liao okay is not blogshop hor is online apparel store! 😤

Carrying on from last night, went out for drinks with the gang at The Tuckshop because everyone needed to take a chill pill!

Gonna steal some photos from @reeniepoh who was being a hardworking Dayre-ian last night.

I like the name because it reminds me of primary school when we still used to call the canteen "tuckshop".

I was being hardworking and editing photos while waiting for @yingdan and @xiesimin to arrive~~

I swear my arms look skinnier. But I sort of doubt that my measurements went down because I haven't been very strict with my diet these few days 😅 Maybe it's just the awesome cutting of the dress? 😂 Will find out on Friday when I go for my session at #SlimCouture! 🙏

Took blind shots with my camera because the screen wasn't working and I have to say it made for very interesting composition 😂

My orange and mint infused water. Interesting but overpriced. It was like $7! Next time I will order something else.

The truffle fries were pretty good though the portion was quite minuscule. They don't serve food in very big portions I noticed!

Midjoint wings which I didn't try.

Tuckshop is open til 12 plus and it was so crowded all the way til late! It's really quite a nice chill out location but be prepared to get lots of lines imprinted on your butt. From these chairs…

Remember these?

No one even drank much but everyone was soooo high on god-knows-what at 1am. And this was after a full day of work for most of us! Mondays are usually the busiest. I really don't know where everyone gets their energy from.

Time to crash, it's almost 2am!!

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