Dear Dayre,

What I wake up to on most days: my fatty chihuahua hogging my bed/blanket 😂

She bears an uncanny resemblance to my cow soft toy: mummy bought that for me when I was in Sec 2 I think and it's my favourite bolster haha!

Then fatty gives me this face. How to say no to her?

Had brunch with YZ and Fish before our call-time for concert. At Kith Cafe, Park Mall, which I think has had a drop in standards, unfortunately 😔

I wouldn't recommend the poached eggs there cos they aren't really done very nicely. Didn't ooze and was a lil chalky so we requested for a change to scrambled eggs.

Spent the entire day at SotA and the concert ended at 10pm 😴

Just like that my weekend 完了!

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