Dear Dayre,

Departing tonight and I am like super super 😱😱😳😳😨😨 STILL NOT PACKED YET omg omg

Flying by AirAsiaX.. Bet you didn't know they flew to Seoul!!

Hair done, eyelash extensions done!! Just picked up a new dress from Dorothy Perkin's collection "All About Florals" and I'm on my way home now to throw my last minute stuff into my luggage!!!

Flight is at 9.20pm. Need to reach airport by 8pm latest which means I need to depart home by 7pm!

Super 忙张 now. Can you tell. My mind is all over the place trying to plan all the stuff I need to do before leaving for airport!

Also did my check-in via mobile while doing my hair at Salon Vim. Convenient hor?

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