Seoul Lost & Confused

Dear Dayre,

Using my "Time Turner" (do you read Harry Potter?) to go back in time to fill up that annoying empty day in my Dayre.. Hoho.

Last day in Korea!

We scrambled to complete last minute shopping and of course had our very last meal in Korea.. 😭

^Photo credit to @evonnz ^

Call us suaku.. Our last meal was the well-known "army stew" but it was both our first times trying this 😱😱😱

The meal was so cheap?! $20 for two pax and that included a huge pot of mussels soup, which was crazy good! The mussels were so sweet and fresh and the portion size was just.. Imagine Evonne can actually tell me "I've had enough of the mussels, you can finish up the rest" shows how generous the portion was cos Evonne and I both love mussels one.

This is probably Korea's version of cheap food haha cos it's actually mostly processed ingredients all thrown together in a pot but it was SO good. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Luncheon meat, rice cake, cheese, hotdog, instant noodles, macaroni minced beef and I'm not sure what else.

Throw in the fresh mussels and it's like a damn ATAS Korean instant noodle party. I LOVE IT 😻

A few more (unedited because I'm too lazy) pictures from my phone.. This was actually from the night before. If I don't put them here, I doubt they're gonna go anywhere!

With @evonnz.

She swears she usually has a good sense of direction, but on this trip, her direction sense has failed her on many occasions 😰

*Walks down street*

*Steps into store*

*Okay we're done shopping!*

*Steps out of store*

*πŸ‘‰Points in direction we came from*

Evonne: "Okay we should go down this way cos we came from the opposite way!"

Me: "O RLY??? We came from this way leh auntie??!"

*5 second pause*

Evonne: "OH YA HOR?" πŸ˜… *sheepish smile*

*Pulls me down right direction*

Me: ε°ε§δΈθ¦θ·Ÿζˆ‘θ£…ε―ηˆ±ζˆ‘δΈεƒθΏ™δΈ€ε₯—ηš„ πŸ˜’

After our meal we parted for a short while cos I wanted to buy my strawbies and she wanted to get contact lens, and we only had 20 minutes left before we had to depart for the hotel.

Evonne: "Meet you back at hotel in 20 mins k you go buy your strawbies I go buy my lens"

Me: "Ok you sure you know where's the lens shop hor"

Evonne: *sibei confident* "Ya I know where it's down this blah blah street ok ah see you later!!"

*Goes to buy my strawbies*

*10 mins later…*

I received this text message.



Got one more power one. We were in Hongdae area and after exiting the train station and walking for about 15-20 minutes following the map that Evonne was looking at.. (During which I probably asked twice, we confirm in the right direction hor? Reply: YAH CORRECT!)

Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, held out a hand πŸ™‹, scrutinized the map on her phone again and said, "WAIT!!!" ⛔️

Evonne's next sentence: Sorry guys..





#comeiclapforyou πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Me: I don't know how to trust you anymore. Next time.. JUST GIMME THE MAPS YA"

βœ¨πŸ‘€ *Bambi eyes look at me*

Me: ε°ε§δΈθ¦θ·Ÿζˆ‘θ£…ε―ηˆ±ζˆ‘δΈεƒθΏ™δΈ€ε₯—ηš„ πŸ˜’

Our "θΏ™δΈͺ烧烀ε€ͺε₯½εƒδΊ†!!!" face πŸ˜‚

We went back to the same Korean BBQ place in Myeong Dong for two nights in a row because we liked the food and service there a lot!

πŸ‘ΈπŸΆπŸ‘© Doggie selfie!

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