Fine dining at The Royal Mail

Dear Dayre,


This weekend is extra shiok because 1. I have no rehearsal 2. BBQ with girls at @evepek's on Sat 3. Brunch event on Sunday woohoo!!!

And also cos Friday night = date night with my boy teeheeee.

Ok lah a few days ago I had a HUGE quarrel with him over the stupidest thing EVER. But I know it's cos of other underlying issues. I know how he feels, but it was so damn annoying because I really didn't do anything to deserve any unhappiness from him. MEH.

^^^ This annoying man.

Well after we both cooled down we sort of made up our differences and all was fine. But I was so frustrated and pissed off I was literally shouting in public. I super no image one when I really lose my temper. Really. And usually when I start screaming my head off, strangely enough, HE starts calming down (because he doesn't want us to become a public spectacle.)

One day someone is gonna recognize me shouting under a void deck and I'm gonna get STOMP-ed. 😒

Nvm.. Back to Friday date night. We are totally fine now and we made up on the night of our argument. Life goes on, I'm not petty. 😐

It's not often that we head out for a classy and nice meal together, and especially on a Friday night ☺️

So I forced YZ to dress up with me 😛 Hehe. Camwhoring while he drove.. I wanted to take a picture of my accessories, necklace and gold-faced watch with interchangeable strap from #Aldo! 😻

Our Friday date night for dinner was at #TheRoyalMail, a modern British fine dining restaurant at Raffles Place, Finlayson Green!

YZ's caption for this photo on Instagram was: Mr and Mrs White both in white. 😂

I'm not Mrs White yet ok. Act atas only I like the surname "白" but I think "Peh" sounds uncouth, like "Lao Ah Peh" like that. So I always call YZ "白先生" AKA Mr White 🙊

We had a really good dinner at The Royal Mail, and I have to say the food was delicious! Gonna share my favs here!

You HAVE to order the Foie Gras if you are a fan, the foie gras at The Royal Mail was done so well, succulent and melt in the mouth, paired with dried fruit and Camembert cheese! I don't like cheese but the foie gras with the dried fruit was 👍👍👍

YZ loved the cheese though!

Roast Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding was my absolute favourite!!!

I'm a huge meat-lover and the roast prime rib cooked medium-rare was perfect! Tender, juicy, not bloody at all, well-marinated with the right amount of flavour.

And for a British touch, have it with the Yorkshire pudding served on the side! Accompanied with sautéed Brussels sprouts too. Very Brit-ish.

But if you're not a beef lover, go for the Deboned Fish of the Day, which was a fresh and deliciously cooked sea bass that had soft tender flesh! "入口即化" kind.

This dish is supposed to feed 1-2 pax, but I'm very sure I could wipe out the entire fish all by myself!

And because it's deboned for you, so much the easier to eat too! Yum.

For desserts, we tried the platter, but my recommendation is the Chocolate Fondant Cake made with Valrhona chocolate! 😻

A more detailed blog post will be online at my blog soon, so wait for it okay? Some dishes are a hit while others are a miss, but in general, The Royal Mail does fantastic roast meats (what they are famous for) that shouldn't be missed.

I hear they serve a mean set lunch that's very value-for-money so you ought to check that out!

Here's the address again for you. ☺️

Parking is a bit of a chore, you have to park in the next building (Hong Leong Building) and walk over! And one evening of parking cost us $15 😰 But it's still worth it!

How often do I get to enjoy such a lovely meal together with my 白先生! ☺️☺️☺️

Outfit taken by well-trained photographer 白先生.

//Necklace, watch & heels from #Aldo
//Clutch from #DorothyPerkins

So happy that wide-legged jumpsuits are trending now, muahahaha. I love how flattering they are!

I hate wearing white though. Stained my clothes even before I left the house 😒


I've been seeing many people doing the #100happydays hashtag, but honestly?

#Everydayisahappyday if you know how to appreciate the little things. ☺️

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