Brunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters

Life has been hectic, but there’s no stopping me when it comes to food and cafe-hopping!

Common Man Coffee Roasters has been on my to-visit list for some time now, and so I finally got the opportunity to visit, and at the same time arrange a meeting to confirm our wedding photographer! 😀

I seriously haven’t been doing much about the upcoming wedding at all, and my wedding planners and styling team and even my bridal studio are asking me when I’m free to start discussing stuff with them 🙁 Shucks. Obviously not a Bride-zilla (yet) cos right now I’m just too pre-occupied with other more pressing matters -.-

But anyway.. YAYYYY! We’ve decided upon our actual day wedding photographer so that’s one thing settled!

Back to brunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters, it’s located along Martin Road and I find it pretty inaccessible without a means of your own transport :/

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road


Common Man Coffee Roasters

#01-00, 22 Martin Rd

Singapore 239058

Tel: +65 6836 4695


Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

I do like the interior decor of Common Man Coffee Roasters, which has a very rustic air with lots of wood accents.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

The menu at Common Man Coffee Roasters isn’t extensive, but it took a long time to decide what I wanted to have, because the food all sounded really good! Haha. Breakfast is served all day, which is a plus point! I hate missing breakfast hours.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

The obligatory flat-lay shot.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

A shot of expresso that’s accompanied with.. a miniature bottle of soda? To dilute the expresso if it’s too “gao”! The coffee at Common Man Coffee Roasters is apparently highly raved, but since I’m not a coffee connoisseur, I’ll have to take other people’s word for it!

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road
The hot chocolate that YZ ordered: very thick, rich and chocolatey.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

Organic Eggs Benedict ($24) that came with braised ox cheek, this was mine! I loved the tender ox cheek and I enjoyed the dish but it was quite heavy on the hollandaise and egg yolk, which was a bit too much after awhile.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

French Toast ($18): This was good! The toast was just the right amount of soft and fluffy. It tasted especially delicious with the ice cream and berries compote!

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

Pulled Pork Bun ($24) that reminded me of bakwa because it had a sort of savoury sweet marination. The crunchy coleslaw and cucumber accompanied the pulled pork and bun well! The pulled pork was also well-cooked and wasn’t tough nor stringy.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

I prefer the French Toast over the similar Common Man Pancakes ($19) cos anything tastes better with ice cream haha and also I found the pancake batter too dense for my liking. I prefer fluffy pancakes and one of my favourites is the one at Habitat Coffee.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road
Churros with chocolate sauce ($12), I’ve been craving for churros but haven’t yet found one that I really like (in Singapore, I mean)! So far, close contenders are Max Brenner’s, which is a hit-and-miss sometimes, and the one at Grub! Common Man Coffee Roasters‘ version is okay, but nothing to rave about. Too doughy and soft for me, I prefer it with a thicker and crispier crust.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

SO rare that I can get the boy out for brunch, believe me. He’s not a huge fan of expensive eggs and toast. Heheh.

Overall verdict for Common Man Coffee Roasters, I wouldn’t go back to the place again just for a meal, because it is really quite pricey. Dollar to dollar, I very much prefer the food at Symmetry, which although is equally expensive, but I feel is more worth the moolah! The bill for four came up to like $120? I felt like we were paying more for the ambience than the food itself.

Common Man Coffee Roasters Martin Road

Ron’s long arm makes for a great four-person selfie! Oh yes, if you’re wondering why Evonne was there, it’s because she’s actually the person who introduced Ron to me, because Ron was her wedding photographer as well! 😀

I’ve so glad to have confirmed Ron as our AD photographer, and very excited too, because Ron’s works are really exquisite! He has had years of experience and even shot for celebrities (like 黑人 and 范范?! Wah the wedding photos got Lee Hom, I swoon) and famous personalities! Deciding on a wedding photographer to me is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning, because the photos are the captured memories that’ll stay with you for a lifetime, and it would be terrible if they weren’t well-taken 🙁 I’m secretly very worried and afraid of all the candid photo taking because I actually feel quite awkward in front of the cameras and I have the worst kind of candid expressions.

But I am sure that Ron will do an amazing job, and I hope I’ll look damn chio on my wedding day. *fingers crossed* What I really like about Ron’s works that I’ve seen is that he manages to capture the moments so well, a lot of raw emotions and “feel”!

Ron’s photography website: EYEDEAS Photography!
Or look for EYEDEAS Photography on Facebook here.


Headed to Salon Vim to get my hair pampered with the Keratase treatment: I do it regularly at least 1-2 times a month to maintain my healthy tresses. It is really a must to take care of your hair especially if you subject it to frequent chemical services like I do.

There are different booster caps for different purposes, like for colour protection, or strengthening!

Super love for the soft and nourished locks after treatment! I also touched up the colour: check out those feathery purple and violet highlights at the ends of my hair!

Outfit of the day, dressed entirely in Dorothy Perkins from head to toe 🙂
Even the pretty clutch and silver heels are from DP as well

A close up of the details. Purple is obviously one of my favourite colours 😀

If you’ve been missing my updates, do look for me on Dayre and Instagram, which I try to update with a little something everyday! I also apologise that there has been quite a number of advertorials here of late.. Sometimes all the ads come at one go and I have to adhere to the client’s timeline 🙁 I still try to keep all posts (advertorials or not) relevant and interesting! 😀

Working on my next BKK post with the super give-away.. Wait for it!!


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