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Did you know:

Humans spend approximately 30% of their entire life sleeping?

That is 1/3 of our lifetime, and that means if I live to be 100, I would have spent 30 years of it sleeping! D: What a strange way to put things into perspective.

Sleep is probably one of the most disregarded aspect of health, and I recently found out that 20% of adults and children in Singapore have sleep-related disturbance! Looks like I’m one of the statistics too 🙁

I usually have issues falling asleep at the right time, and the earliest that I’m asleep is usually 12 to 1 am! Due to my erratic work schedule, I tend to stay up very late since I’m out and about the entire day busying about doing a multitude of things: I’m very much of a multi-tasker and YZ has complained more than once that I have way too many things on my hands 🙁

From attending events, meetings with clients, doing photoshoots for TheVelvetDolls, discussing about samples with my suppliers, going for choir rehearsals twice a week… And when I get home late at night, I still need to blog, edit photos, and reply emails! Stressed much.

My mind is constantly in a frenzy most of the time, thinking about the million and one things on my to-do list. This makes it very hard for me to settle myself down for bed on many occasions. Can’t help it sometimes, even when I try to sleep earlier, my brain and body refuse to listen to me -.- I end up feeling sleepy in the afternoon and it really limits my productivity. I always feel annoyed and extremely lethargic whenever I don’t get enough sleep, too.

The worst thing is even when I do manage to get my 7-8 hours of sleep, but wake up in the mornings still feeling tired, because I wasn’t able to get a good night’s worth of quality sleep! I tend to toss and turn around in bed a lot and wake up in the middle of the night.

Does anyone else experience the same issues as me?

Did a quick google search and read up on the importance of sleep, and I think it’s time for me to start committing to being more healthy, while I’m still relatively young. Because lack of sleep can lead to a slew of other problems, which I certainly want to avoid!

Here’s some reasons not to scrimp on sleep, from Harvard Health Publications:

Learning and memory:
Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. In studies, people who’d slept after learning a task did better on tests later.

Something that students could take note of: staying up late to mug may have adverse results instead!

Metabolism and weight:
Chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates, and by altering levels of hormones that affect our appetite.

Yikes.. Is that why it’s so hard for me to lose weight?? 🙁 Because I don’t sleep enough?

Sleep loss may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness. Too little sleep can also leave you too tired to do the things you like to do.

Like I mentioned earlier.. My lack of sleep really limits my productivity and gets me all tetchy and irritable at times too! Sigh.

Cardiovascular health: 
Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat.

Sleep deprivation alters immune function, including the activity of the body’s killer cells. Keeping up with sleep may also help fight cancer.

I certainly don’t want to have healthy issues due to lack of sleep! 🙁

Sleep related disturbance could be due to stress, depression, age, lifestyle or medical issue – but the result is always a reduced quality of life.

I wasn’t aware that there are actually health supplements to aid healthful sleep, until I was told about Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula! Of course, Blackmores is a familiar name to me, but sleep supplements are something totally new to me!

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula is a safe and natural formula that helps support the body’s natural ability for good quality sleep. It also leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning.

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula contains the following ingredients:

• Valerian extract reduces time taken to fall asleep
• Lemon balm provides a calming effect and relieves restlessness
• Magnesium helps healthy muscle function

The fact that it’s all safe and natural really appeals to me!

With required regular intake, Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula can:

• Enhance sleep quality naturally
• Help users fall asleep, sleep soundly and wake up feeling well-rested
• Improve well-being after sleep

All that’s needed are 2 tablets, 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime!

I’ve only just started on my Sleep Sound Formula supplements, but I am also making sure that I’m getting my quality sleep with a healthier lifestyle: trying to avoid working late on my computer at night, or even just mindless surfing Instagram on my phone! Sometimes, a glass of warm milk or camomile tea will also help to calm the senses, and allow you to fall asleep better.

Trust me, you will feel the difference when you get a well-rested and quality night’s worth of sleep! Just got my first good sleep in a while and I feel a lot more refreshed and rejuvenated! Not to mention, it helps my dark eye circles and puffy eye bags too 😛

Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula is available for $39 (30 capsules) at all major pharmacies and departmental stores in Singapore!

And for the late-night owls like me, there is an IQ quiz scheduled every 12 midnight (from Mon 31 Mar – 7 April) on Blackmores Facebook page for you to crack your brains and win prizes!

There will be 5 sets of Sleep Sound Formula to be won every night for 8 consecutive nights. First 5 people who email the correct answer to will win a bottle of Sleep Sound Formula!

So if you’re tossing and turning in bed at midnight, you know where to go to, you might win yourself a bottle of Sleep Sound Formula! 🙂

More details of the contest can be found on Blackmores Singapore Facebook page.

For more information on Sleep Sound Formula, do visit Blackmores website as well!
Sleep well, and stay healthy, folks!


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