Trend Talk: ALDO Spring 2014/Give-away

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world”, said famous fashion icon Marilyn Monroe.

I’m not too big on conquering the world, but I can never resist a pair of beautiful shoes! My fondness for shoes has turned into a full-blown craze over the past few years, something which my mother isn’t too happy about haha but really, just the act of trying on gorgeous shoes makes me feel happy! 

When I put together an outfit for my day, shoes are definitely one of the most important defining factor of the outfit for me πŸ˜‰ Depending on how I feel and what look I’m going for, I can pick anything from comfortable loafers to my insane sky-high platforms. It’s unexplainable, but just donning on the right pair of shoes with the right outfit gives me a boost of instant confidence and happiness πŸ™‚

And for all the shoe-crazy ladies like me.. I’m sure you’re just as familiar with the name ALDO as I am, it is one of the shoe boutiques that I inevitably find myself stepping into, whenever I am in town!

Thus, it is with great pleasure that I’m getting to share ALDO’s Spring 2014 trends with you, so read on for the latest trend updates, my personal picks, and a special contest that may win you ALDO vouchers worth $200!!

Myself a couple weeks ago, going on an insane shoe-trying spree at ALDO, ION Orchard. I LOVE the new Spring 2014 trends, of which many designs are already in-store right now!

The three key trends that ALDO has worked with to create beautiful and stylish designs for Spring 2014 are: 




3D Energy

Think of bold, active, and urban designs with strong elements of graphics like colorblocks, stripes, contrasting white soles, pops of colours in strong primary hues and interesting materials like mesh, laser perforation, matte/shiny surfaces, hologram, and even elastics/plastics, with velcros, zippers and clasps worked in as design elements.

Fly Society

Glamorous, luxurious and over the top style, with the colour palettes of soft pastels or silver/gold metallics, acid and black. This trend also focuses heavily on textures, such as soft napa leather, snake print, pearled linen/canvas, wood veneers, and textured metallics/exotic leathers, worked together with chunky chains and hardware, or even gem embellishments.

Primal Journey

The name says it all: Tribal, jungle-inspired raw elegance with elements inspired from nature. The colour scheme is of course full of neutrals and earth colours like browns, jungle green, off-white/tan and even oranges and teals. Materials with unexpected textures such as woven fabrics, leather and raffia mixes, cork and rope dyed colours, exotic animal prints and textures further accentuate the earthy influences of this trend.

Of course, all three trends can be spotted in conjunction on the same pair of shoes, and in my opinion, what all the trends have in common is that all of them play around with a harmonious colour scheme, unique textures, materials and elements to create a design that is wearable and distinctive at the same time.

I’ll be sharing with you some of the designs I saw in-store!

New arrivals come in weekly at ALDO, so you can always expect something new whenever you step into stores! πŸ™‚

From what I heard, the Kristina is one of the best-selling shoes at ALDO this season, and I have to say, it is really chic and stylish! I would classify this as “3D Energy”, with its monochromatic palette and interesting textured material. The silhouette remains classic and sophisticated.

This pair also channels “3D Energy” with its perforated/mesh material, and the bold shapes are sporty and feminine at the same time!

I have a particular liking for wedges, and this pair is lovely! Definitely “Primal Journey”, with the woven material, cork soles, and earthy colours. Very wearable due to the neutral shades they come in!

I love tribal elements, so I picked out this pair to try on almost immediately!

This one also classifies as “Primal Journey” trend, and check out that ALDO logo you see embossed on the sole of this clog, which is the original style that launched the ALDO brand in 1972! Pretty amazing to find out about ALDO’s long-standing history!

I love these pointy toed strappy heels!

Textured and chunky metallics, in a sleek silver: “Fly Society” for sure!

I like how the chunky ankle strap in striking lime makes this design look urban, and complemented with the white and textured black, it looks very feminine and chic, with a sporty edge.

These can also be categorised under “3D Energy” with their avant garde pointy toes, and loud solid colours!

More tribal “Primal Journey” love.. I really like the stitching and woven textures in these comfy looking loafers!

Fell in love with these sporty but girly wedge sneakers that have a hidden sole for that additional height! So fun and playful!

Boat shoes that embody the gentler side of “Fly Society” with washed pastels and soft leather.

A “flat” version of the Kristina, just as beautiful and stylish!

I also have a thing for embellishments, and I love how this pair has got pretty gems on a linen material!

Here are some of the shoes I picked out to try on.. What a party of shoes! How I wish I could own all of them heheh πŸ˜‰ 

As you can tell, my style is quite varied, because my dressing style and choice of shoes usually depend on my mood for the day as well as what the occasion calls for. I love experimenting and trying out new silhouettes and styles! πŸ™‚

And the shoe-trying began!

The classic Kristina. After trying it on, I understand why it is so popular, it is so chic looking and comfortable too!

I so love the unique strappy design and the beautiful lime colour!!! Though I’m not a big fan of pointy shoes (they look so beautiful, but just don’t look good on me), this pair really won me over!

The fun-looking tribal accented pair. Extremely comfy with the flat-forms and open-toe straps!

I don’t own a single pair of sneaker wedges but I’m looking for my first pair!

Thought that this might be it! β€

Very cool hologram material shoes with chunky white heels, unfortunately my wide feet were unable to squeeze into the pointy fronts nicely.. πŸ™

I love wedges! Super pretty pop of pink with cork soles, and so comfy for its height!

Pretty pretty β€

This pair of stilettos are so killer! Gorgeous colour combination of cream and orange, I love the seamless melding of textures and how flattering they were.

Wearing tall stilettoes does empower a woman, don’t you think?

Having toooo much fun trying on so many shoes! πŸ˜‰

Gem embellishments so pretty, and oh-so-comfy too!

Oh mannnn, I had so much trouble deciding on my favourite pair! πŸ™ But you’ll find out what I picked out after much deliberation if you carry on reading!

Of course, you need accessories and bags too, to complement the shoes! When I head to ALDO, I spend a long time looking at their bags and accessories too, which are all very high-quality and well made!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have already seen the pair that I picked for myself πŸ˜‰

This gorgeous, gorgeous, pair right here! I love clean silhouettes and textures, and I thought that this pair would make a wonderful addition to my collection. For some reason, I’ve been really into the colour silver lately, too! ❀

Along with some accessories that I thought would be perfect to complement my outfits and pretty shoes:

I had to get this watch that comes with a set of inter-changeable straps! Perfect for all occasions and outfits!

Coordinated a full-white outfit with the new watch and necklace, both from Aldo!

These lovely midi rings are from ALDO as well πŸ˜‰

The entire outfit, which I wore for a fancy fine-dining meal at The Royal Mail with my boy πŸ™‚ More on that in a later entry!

A more casual coordinate for the daytime, with a relaxed fit shirt and printed skorts, and I picked a bright fuchsia structured bag to make the entire outfit livelier!

This is definitely a pair I will wear often.

My last coordinate with this pretty pair: Something a lil more corporate that would be suitable for the office and work! I love how the lime clutch (also from ALDO) adds contrast to the otherwise understated outfit.

❀ Here’s how to win yourself an ALDO voucher worth $200! β€

1. Like ALDO Singapore’s Facebook page here!

2. Upload your best-dressed OOTD into the “SNAP YOUR STYLE” album!

3. Afterwhich, post a comment on ALDO Singapore’s Facebook page with “ALDO x Yina Giveaway, stating why you should win yourself an ALDO voucher worth $200!

e.g. ALDO x Yina Giveaway: “I love all things ALDO! Pick me to be a winner”!

4. Leave your email address in your comment!

Two winners will be picked and each winner will walk away with an ALDO voucher worth $200! πŸ˜€

PS. Participants do not have to wear ALDO shoes. So it is open to public, and they can submit multiple entries. One winner will be chosen by the public, the highest vote on their picture wins. The other winner will be best overall caption and look chosen by ALDO management.


Contest Period: 25th April – 25th May 2014.


Terms and Conditions:

Participants are allowed to submit more than one OOTD. Montreal Pte Ltd reserves the right to make amendments to the contest at any given time, the management decision will be final. The ALDO voucher must be claimed within one (1) month of its award. No cash, transfer, assignment, product substitution or prize equivalent of the ALDO voucher shall be permitted except that ALDO reserves the right to change or replace the prize at any time in its sole discretion with (a) prize(s) of greater or equal retail value. The ALDO voucher is non-refundable, non-transferable and may not be reissued or revalidated. No rain checks shall be provided. ALDO will not replace any lost or stolen ALDO voucher.


Too gorgeous!

Have fun with the OOTDs, and good luck taking part in the contest! $200 worth of ALDO vouchers could be yours! πŸ˜‰


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