Dear Dayre,

The best mascara award in the world goes to.. Heroine Make!!!

I swear it is the best mascara ever.

Have more photos in my camera that really show off the crazy effects of the mascara 😱 But I don't have my camera with me now.. So I update again later okay!

Hello!!! I promised to be back with more pictures so here I am!

You know, before I got eyelash extensions done (I think I might take a break from extensions to let my lashes rest for awhile), I relied on Heroine Make's Long & Curl mascara so much!

Just look at this picture.
My lashes look so thick, long and defined! I swear before Heroine Make mascara my lashes were just pathetically short and straight.

This one can tell?

Left: after Heroine Make Long & Curl.

Right: my bare lashes.

Another shot. Even without a close-up, you can see how much more dolly and fluttery my lashes are on the left, while they are non-existent on the right.

I'm not paid to write this hor.

This is with Heroine Make Long & Curl on both eyes!

I know my left eye (on your right) looks bit weird but that's cos my eyes are uneven 😔 Was born with severe 大小眼 and went for an operation to correct it when I was 8 but the op wasn't a job very well done and it's quite obvious if you take a closer look. Last time surgical techniques not so advanced. 😔

Pic with @mongabong! Lighting was quite chui at L'etoile cafe.. I honestly don't really like that cafe. Food not very nice the last time I tried. 😕

@evonnz was missing from this photo cos she was like standing in front waiting to win a prize or something 😂

@mongchin, @bunbunmakeuptips and @melissackoh! 😘

So if you wanna get Heroine Make, you can find it at Watsons or Sasa! This is the improved & updated formula with new packaging!

I swear it's the best value for money mascara. You should also get the eyelash curler, I love it too!

Apart from those two, I also use Heroine Make liquid eyeliner on a daily basis 👍👍👍

Since I'm on the topic of eyes…

I was born 2 months pre-mature and I think that affected my eye development. Thankfully, I managed to grow up healthy after the crucial first few months, but had quite a severe case of congenital ptosis in medical terms, or just "大小眼"/droopy eyelid.

This is my K2 graduation photo.

I used to be quite affected by how I looked when I was young. Cos I felt that I looked abnormal, and looked like a freak.

Freaky looking me as a baby with a forehead to rival the villain in Megamind 😂

Apparently I don't have pictures of myself when I was a newborn because my dad couldn't bear to have any pictures taken of me because he found it heartbreaking that I was so tiny and I might die?

I was so small that my grandma nicknamed me "Nor Pong", (两磅 or two pounds in Teochew).

And the older generation in my family always likes to reminisce about how I was smaller than a kitten (obviously I grew up perfectly healthy and abit too heartily in the end wtf) and talk about how my father would look at me outside preemie baby ICU and 默默流泪.

Also my dad likes to remind me that my hospital fees were like 100k or something, which was a lot in his time. I always tell him "SEE, good investment hor?" and he'll roll his eyes at me 😂

大小眼 baby in action!

I think I was quite cute actually despite the 大小眼. But it really started to bother me once I realised that I was different from everyone else.

I developed a habit of perpetually tilting my head upwards so that I could see properly.

Sometimes I'd stand in front of the mirror and use a hand to cover half my face so that I could imagine how I'd look if I had two normal eyes. And I really really hated it that I didn't look normal like everyone else.

But anyway, fortunately I was generally quite a happy-go-lucky kid lah.

Went for corrective surgery when I was 8, and you wouldn't believe what a "guai lan" kid I was.

Seriously I think don't have kid as zai as me. You know the "sleeping gas" anaesthetic that's used before the operation to knock you out so that they can operate on you in peace?

The gas was like damn smelly wtf. So I held my breath when they put the gas mask on me and then I just pretended to close my eyes as I was wheeled into the operating theatre.


Orbi-good. In the end I went through the operation awake so I am really sorry for the doctors who had to perform eye surgery on a thrashing and crying 8-year-old. 😐

Kids don't try this anywhere. Hahaa.

My eye has a permanent scar on the lid, and the texture of the scar tissue is also different from my "normal" eye.

They are still a bit uneven, so when I remember to, I compensate by squinting my normal eye smaller when I smile lol. Then they look more balanced!

So this is what my eyes look like without makeup or eyeliner or whatever. Just concealer on undereyes~

Left eye: wonky eye.

Right eye: my chio eye.

Try using your hand to cover half a face/eye.

Anyway, sometimes I will photoshop my eye in pictures if it's too obvious and bothers me a lot. But hardly anyone will notice it nowadays especially with eye makeup on to balance my two eyes. I have to take special care with the way I draw my eyeliner in order to even out my eyes.

And I sleep with half an eye open which has freaked out a few people before. Hahahaa.

Won't be able to do those wedding photos when you close your eyes and your partner hug you from behind kind 😕 It will just look awkward.

Insert chio photo again.

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