Dear Dayre,

I'm going mad trying to sort out and organize the shitload of products I have. LOOK AT MY DOGS. They are trying to get to me but cannot navigate the mess!

People might beat me up for saying this but #woesofbeingablogger is probably like this.

Japanese drugstore brand stash.

Mostly Heroine make, Dollywink and other Mandom products.. Some I bought from warehouse sale and others gifted by Mandom.

And a lot of them are products I won't use so frequently nowadays like mascara, falsies etc… Time to de-stash and do a giveaway.

Lancôme has one container all to itself because Lancôme is one of the most generous brands I've been working with and they always always give me new products and even repeated products when I mention I'm running low on certain products!

One of my favourite high-end brands too. I can't live without their foundations and I love the eye palettes and lip products! 😘

I haven't swatched/tried the latest collection (all those silver boxes) but I fully intend to, soon!

More favourite products: YSL, Guerlain, Givenchy and Dior. 😻

Japanese products under Shiseido, Maquillage, Ettusais, ZA. They have really great products too but I obviously have too many products to get around to using them all 😭 And sometimes the packaging is too pretty and I can't bear to start using them!

And one huge container for my Korean brands 😻 Laneige, Étude House, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree etc! Still got a small container for CLIO, Peripera, VDL and other Korean drugstore brands.

This box dedicated to the unopened fragrances and body products from various brands like Loccitane, Crabtree, The Body Shop, Lush and random fragrances from DKNY, Dior, Lanvin etc.

The whole box smells damn nice hahahaha.

If you thought that was all…

Top left: Shu Uemura stash
Top right: Urban Decay stash
Bottom: Kiehls, Benefit and other brands I like, like Loccitane and Origins.

And lots more random products! 太多了 😱

My two dogs managed to squeeze their way to an empty spot on the floor amidst all the mess and look so pleased with themselves 😂 Don't know why they so kpo.

Still packing.. But it's semi-neater and more organized now. Go go go!!! 💪

Currently taking a break.

Packing is so time-consuming I feel like I wasted an entire day just on packing alone! 😪 Could have spent it doing work but the packing really needs to be done. If not it's gonna get even worse in a few months time!!! 😨

And I know I'm not the one with the most products.. I really wonder how a true blue beauty blogger like @makeupbox does it? 😂

Ended up going out with the boy for food and… We ended up at Awfully Chocolate 😕 #fail

Classic case of "好看不好吃"

This wasn't soft and fluffy and melt-in-the-mouth like After You's was! The cocoa powder on top looked nice but gave a bitter aftertaste, and the cream and crepe cake layers wasn't sweet enough leh.

YZ was craving for chocolate tart after Drury Lane's (lol @jazreeltan) but this one fell short of the mark and disappointed YZ greatly.

The tart was soggy and tasteless, and the chocolate was just… 很腻 😕

The only thing that was worth our money was the Creme Brûlée White Chocolate! This one 👍

I think Awfully Chocolate might need to re-look their food standards man. So much for being awfully chocolate. Awfully disappointing. 😔

浪费我的 precious calories! 😭

Stupid YZ is so lame sometimes I have to lame along with him too 😂

He's so super annoying too!

Me: B, do you love me? *sweet tone*

YZ: Yes I love you~

Me: If you love me go downstairs off the living room lights for me k? 😘

… 5 minutes later

YZ: B, do you love me?

Me: Yes I love you~

YZ: I'm thirsty.. Can help me take a glass of water from kitchen pleaseeee?

Me: B, do you love me?

YZ: Yes I love you~

Me: If you love me then don't make me take water for you can?! 😂

… 5 mins later

YZ: …我的口很渴……

Me: 好啦好啦帮你拿啦!!! 😤 *stomps downstairs*

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