Dear Dayre,

I can has pretty nails again!!!
@jenrine is a life-saver.

Can't believe she managed to do this in like under two hours? Including soaking off my previous gelish which was so chui already.

Love the Aztec design on pastel colors! And to make it more special, I finished off with a matte top coat instead of the usual shiny top coat and I think it looks extra cool!

A snippet of @jenrine working her magic. I didn't do my usual 15 second clip cos we were too in a rush!

I told Jenrine her nails would be damn distracting in a video. Look at that Ursula so cute!!!

Will take clearer pictures of my nails tomorrow morning when I have some day light ☺️

@beatricesays was doing her nails too and we went down to town together since we were both heading in the same direction 😘

Thanks Bea!

So anyway, I brought back some of these goodies from Étude House Korea and shared some them around with my girls at work today!

I really love those mini Color Pops 😻

@yingdan sent a selfie of herself in the pink Color Pop lip tint she picked, so pretty can!? Super got Korean feel la! Why you so fair one, YD! Make me jelly only.

And randomly, my dear friend Farah who's in the UK, Scotland sent me a picture of Angelo, her fluffy kitty just looking out the window. Awww I miss her and the kitties very much.

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