Dear Dayre,

Beats by Dr Dre launch party at Sentosa Cove! Was so happy to be invited heheh. I love those "Pill Dudes", so cute! I want to get the pink one for myself but it will cost like $400 for the speakers plus holder. 😳

Shall put it on my wish list first.

With Mel and Shine! ☺️☺️☺️ Yay to good company during events. I was feeling all awkward-ish by myself before they arrived. *blends into background*

Just because we got a shot with yandao Bobby Tonelli heheh

And of course we went home with our very own pair of Beats Solo HD headphones which I tried out straight away when I got home. 😻😻😻

The noise cancellation is damn zai. YZ had to throw some clothes at me to get my attention cos I couldn't hear him calling my name with the headphones on 😅

So sorry I haven't devoted much time to Dayre recently. Been busy! Currently writing a new post for the blog: with a give-away, the lucky winner will get a 2 night stay at Sofitel So Bangkok wtf. You have to take part! 😻

Also need to do other adult things like file taxes by 18th as well as work on new TVD website. 😔

I've been watching the latest China singing competition show "我是歌手" and it's like damn friggin good! Was enjoying it on my new Beats headphones when YZ so rudely threw his smelly clothes at me to get my attention 😒

I love the HK singer GEM (邓紫棋).
She's amazing! Gary (曹格) is in the show too! And this very impressive Malay singer singing mandarin songs, Shila Amzah. Super good!

This is "如果没有你" sang by GEM. SO SO GOOD.

I love this song too: "存在"

Just go YouTube GEM or "我是歌手”! Any of you watching the show too?

So inspired we went to ktv but this song has seen better times. Next time then record a nicer version alright.

"Say Something"

YZ doesn't usually sing English songs btw. His angmoh accent very hokkien so I have to correct him. "Say somefink"

Going back to my blog post now. Trying to churn it out ASAP!

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