Dear Dayre,

I've been hardworking!!

TWO new posts on the blog, one is a review for Biore's new BB cream that comes with SPF50 that I think is an absolute steal! 👍

Biore does the best drugstore sun protection products!!

The second blog post is day 1 of my BKK trip, I'm gonna be spending the rest of this month mostly blogging travel.. I have to document each and every trip down!

When I'm bored I sometimes backtrack to read my own travel entries, just to reminisce those marvelous days.

With @mariemjsoh @melissackoh @shiberty 😘

There are tons of photos in my bkk day 1 entry! Mostly of the gorgeous Sofitel So Bangkok.

I can't rave enough about Sofitel So!!! I wanna go back 😔

I miss this bed and the Earth-themed room.

Appetite has been crazy good. I think my period is coming. But yesterday YZ and I resumed doing Insanity! I swear I tried so hard to get out of doing it.

"Baby, you got track shoes at my house hor?" Secretly hoping he forgot his shoes so we could have an excuse not to work out 😳

"Wah it's so humid! I'm going to die from sweating and I haven't even start Insanity!" 😭 *whine + complain*

Well in the end we did it still and I've never sweated so much because the weather was just so humid!

Felt good after the workout despite my attempts to get out of it. Hahaha 💪

Earlier today: I was at the launch of Nescafé Dolce Gusto's new capsule flavour.

And I know already it's gonna be my favourite flavour!!! 😍😍😍

Milo flavour!!!!

Can't wait for the capsules to be sent to my home hohoho YZ is gonna have a field day! He loves Milo!

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