Dear Dayre,

It's a local food kinda weekend! Lunch at a small Teochew porridge joint near my place that was totally on impulse, but we ended up pretty satisfied! Two people can eat so much, lol. $22 worth of Teochew porridge hahaha.

I love brunch food and it looks pretty on my Instagram feed, but $22 might probably get me just two eggs on bread. Can't eat like that all the time, you know.

I was born and bred Teochew, so I grew up with Teochew food! 😋 Teochew muay is my childhood favourite.

Today was a fairly productive Sunday and I managed to get some work done!

There are a couple of new blog entries on the blog that I spent ages on, go and read pleaseeee? 😻✨

A post on ALDO's Spring 2014 collection and the latest trends! There are $200 ALDO vouchers to be won, and it's really easy! Just need to submit your OOTDs (does not have to be ALDO shoes) on Facebook! 👍

And today's latest entry is my first Seoul blog post wheeee! Part 1 of K-Beauty Tour where we were brought to Étude House's flagship store in Myeongdong. 😍😍😍 Everything was so pink, sweet and princessy!

Can't wait to blog all my BKK and Seoul posts man. Have already sort of planned out the posts in my head already!

I love travelling and writing travel posts 😊

After which I spent some time working on the new TVD website! You get first previews here but I am so excited cos it looks really gorgeous already laaaaa 😍

Woah I think the product page is damn chio. In love with the entire feel of the website cos it's so streamlined and easy-to-use!

Super love that the front page has got TVD's Instagram feed. Wahaha #cheapthrillbutilike

I'm so excited about the new website I took a video of the interface for y'all to see hehe.

There's still a lot of backend configuring to do though!

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