Dear Dayre,

Dressed so sunnily today and I didn't expect that it would end up being a rainy day 😧

But anyways, this lip color! One of my favourite, Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato in AT02, Sugar Plum.

It's a liquid lip tint and super pigmented! Dries off to a slightly matte finish but still has a bit of dewiness to it.


I have like at least 10 different hot pink lip colors for sure. I need to compile them all and take a photo to show you how mad I am over pink lippies. 😂

So I made a trip down to the Nuffies office and bugged everyone to go out for lunch with me!!! 😂

Bugging succeeded except that @pr3gnantkow got so distracted he stayed in office to work. And also @davienne was having some home-cooked lunch thing at office today.

Next time we go eat Wah Kee prawn noodles okay? @bossming you too!!

We went to Sam Leong Road for this duck rice I've seen on Dayre so many times thanks to the Nuffies. Quite shiok!!

@gwenyipsw helped me with an OOTD.. I get an outfit with the famous green wall! #nuffiesootd woooohooo!

I love this mermaid skirt so much! Bought it in Korea and it was so friggin expensive (a designer brand) but I fell in love with it. Manufacturing a similar piece for TVD so fingers crossed that our version will be as pretty.

It has a beautiful cutting and two layers of mesh at the bottom!

Guess where I went after that.

Ok I'll tell you.

I went for a…. Boob massage 😳 Hahahaha ok just kidding. The breast massage was part of the entire session, but I actually went to Tokyo Bust Express for treatment *shy*

I don't want bigger boobs btw, don't be mistaken!

Because I used to be fatter and I lost about 10kg, my boobies have shrunk significantly and now they are abit sad and saggy 😭😭😭 I used to be like 36/38C or something omg. Just look at my "assets" in the photo above.

Tokyo Bust Express is not just about getting bigger boobies! You can also "firm" and "lift" boobies to improve their shape and silhouette .. I need that!!

I'll talk more about boobies on my blog soon.


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