Dear Dayre,

Sitting here in a sauna for 25 mins while I try a new slimming treatment.


I wonder if saunas really work! Sweating away in a small enclosed warm humid space has never really appealed to me.

Recently, I've been starting to feel that age is catching up with me,

Especially in the social media industry, when there are new faces and people popping up all the time and most of them are all like barely legal?!

I feel it too when I go out to meet people and nowadays whenever I ask their age they're always at least a few years younger than me ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

On the plus side, most people now seem to think that I'm a few years younger than I really am so I hope it stays that way!


When you're on the flip side of 25, it seems like losing your youth is a slow but inevitable thing.

I can only hope that I can carry on working in this industry for a few more years, and maintain a semblance of youthfulness.

I also believe that it's all in the environment and mindset. You can't let yourself fall prey to "growing old"!

A few things that growing up has done to me include:

Putting on lesser and lesser makeup everyday

I remember how I used to pile on makeup just a few years ago?! And I was reminded of it when I scrolled past a (fairly young) blogger's selfie on Instagram, of herself with the full works on: falsies, eye makeup, everything gao gao.

Maybe I should thank all my sponsors for this instead. All I did today was slap on BB cream and concealer and poof I'm outta the house! Eyebrows don't need draw, mascara don't need put. (Thank you Erabelle and Graceous)

With less makeup on, I also..

Take less selfies than I used to

Not just selfies, but on a regular day out with friends, I realise that I tend to take a lot lesser photos, which is bad when it comes to blogging things down! ๐Ÿ˜…

I'm also a lot more lax about dressing up even for events – used to dress up in heels and all that but now comfort is higher up on my priority list! ๐Ÿ‘

Sleeping earlier every night

I used to stay up super late: normal sleeping time could be anything between 2-4am, but nowadays I try to be in bed by 12-2am if possible. Although it means I have less time, I feel a lot better and less stressed than when I work late into the nights.

Now I feel sleepy once it's past midnight, especially if I'm outside. ๐Ÿ™ˆ Definitely a sign of getting old. Whatever happened to those nights when I stayed out til 6am and waited for the first bus home? Lol.

OKAY, a break from all the complains about getting older: I uploaded the full video of the song that I posted a couple days ago from KTV:

ๅ›žๅฎถ by ้กบๅญ.

It's an unlisted video, so it's only viewable via this link which I am posting here exclusively!

Dayre should allow hyperlinks to websites.. Meh.

It's not the best rendition, but it is one of my favourite songs โ˜บ๏ธ

So anyway, right now I'm sitting at Nakhon Kitchen waiting for my friends to arrive for dinner! And the queue is incredibly long…. I ended my meetings early and had time to come early to queue!

And while I'm sitting here, Dayre is keeping me entertained, this app is really my latest addiction after Instagram! I don't even check Twitter anymore.

Today I had a meeting with a regional team from a huge beauty brand, and I'm really excited to work with them on their upcoming campaign!

The campaign involves some filming and videos, so I also met the production team today, and it was an interesting encounter because I was grilled on my life and I feel like I told my entire life story during the meeting lol.

From how many dogs I own to what secondary school I came from and how TVD started lol.

Random trivia: TVD started with a capital of $608.

That was 4 years ago, and I doubt that I'd be able to start a business now with that same amount of capital.. Makes me feel blessed and appreciative of what I have right now.

Sometimes, it's only when you put things in perspective that you really understand how fortunate you are.

ๆฏ”ไธŠไธ่ถณใ€ๆฏ”ไธ‹ๆœ‰ไฝ™ is a saying that I always tell myself whenever I feel that I do not have anything to be thankful for, or when I am lacking in my life.

Dinner with my girlfriends always inevitably leads to work topics, and I really miss TVD and running TVD so much! It has been on hiatus the past month but I am going to reopen the website again for business by this month.

After all the talk, I do realise one thing: TVD is not TVD without Yina, and Yina is not Yina without TVD.

No matter what, I have faith that everything will work out just fine!

I fell asleep while updating lol. Gonna finish up the entry!

Our dinner at Nakhon: thank you LBNs for the treat! ๐Ÿ˜˜ @yingdan @xiesimin

But anyway I think Nakhon is nice but not super awesome. Portions tiny and gotta queue so long!

Desserts at Ice Edge Cafe, waffle looks nice but is damn mediocre. I like the maple toast better! And Ferrero Rocher ice cream was good!! ๐Ÿ‘

The male staff was quite inept at photo taking hahaha but it's okay! Just for keepsake. Hahahaa


@minpoh @reeniepoh @yingdan @xiesimin @sreneee

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