Dear Dayre,

It's another Sunday and then it's Monday again, too fast, too fast 😔

No happy vibes today leh 🙁 I feel unproductive and also unaccomplished and also my diet fail.

Only positive part of the day is spending time with YZ, but even then I feel like it wasn't a Sunday well-spent. Why like that ah?

Had Poulet for early dinner and service was terribly slow. I hate it when service staff are not attentive. If it takes me more than 2 minutes with my arm raised up in the air to get a waiter's attention, they really really need to improve on the attentiveness of the staff.

It tasted ok.. But it cost $31 for a half chicken and a side of mushrooms with poached egg!

I should have just gone to cold storage and gotten a whole roast chicken for less than $10. *angsty*

I suspect I'm PMS-ing. Period is coming soon I think. Meh.

After dinner, we went for our usual foot massage, but even that wasn't as shiok as usual. WHY AH.

And then we also went to our usual KTV but I have no mood to sing and sound pretty horrible.

And I'm supposed to be on diet but I am so craving for food we ordered Pizza Hut and I scarfed down three sweet and spicy drumlets+++

I am just gonna blame everything on PMS 😡

At least I got my pictures taken for my advertorial today!


*writing away*

这种钱其实很不容易赚. 😪

I hope Monday will be a fresh start!

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