Dear Dayre,

Uh, trying to fill in a gap on Monday but I think I didn't do anything note-worthy.. Except eat?! Haha.

Ordered Spizza with the girls in the afternoon, and at night I had ice cream and lava cake with YZ at The Coffee Daily 😱

Stealing photos from YZ's Instagram. My mother cooked this fried rice and YZ took a really ugly photo of it so I re-arranged the rice for him so that you can see the texture of the rice and all the "liao"! Lol. But my mother really cooks the best fried rice.

I took this photo too 😂 Told YZ his photos nobody like cos he doesn't bother to color edit them! Looks so dark and yellow, not appealing at all.

So today is the last day of my "eat-anything-I-want" diet. 6 weeks left to photoshoot and Imma gonna be dieting seriously! 💪💪💪

I can do it.

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