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After complaining about my hair yesterday… I'm here at Salon Vim today. Not cutting my fringe tho hahaha but I have no idea what Gary is about to do to my hair and I am abit worried. It involves bleaching and baby pink and lilac.


Gary says I shouldn't doubt him.


So here's a "before" photo and I'll update you later with the "after" photo… 🙏

Dear Dayre,

Here's the products that Fresh so kindly gifted: the entire range of skincare (yay to Rose toner!!) and also my favourite Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip and the colorless treatment balm 😍😍😍

Rose toner is gonna sit on my table as a refreshing mist spray whenever I feel like I want my face to smell of roses in the middle of the day 🌹

I'm so glad I got my favourite shade teehee. Thank you Fresh!

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