Dear Dayre,


I'm sooooooooooooooooo annoyed and pissed off now. And still adamant that I am not in the wrong.


If you're never seen me in #ragemode, I think it's quite a scary sight to behold.

Now, I am usually extremely good tempered and even when I'm upset with anyone, I hardly go into extreme anger, but am usually quite calm and collected.

I think with my friends, the most I've been guilty of is perhaps raising my voice and tone a few notches? I remember once I was so pissed off with a marketing-in-charge that we practically quarreled over the phone.

Evonne was quite shell-shocked cos she has hardly seen me so vehement before. Generally, to get me pissed off, you have to be either super duper unreasonable or super duper annoying.

Simply put, I have a nasty temper but very high tolerance threshold (or so I'd like to think). To get me raging, you really need to do a lot to me.

But of course, the people who matter to you most will also find a way to get under your skin the best.. So only my family members and partner would have really experienced what my temper is like.

Today's incident was the perfect definition of a mountain out of a molehill, and my limits were thoroughly tried and tested.. And then broken 💢💢💢


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