Dear Dayre,

Woke up at 7.30 cos YZ has reservist. So I also got woken up… Then I wanted to go back to sleep, but didn't really manage to get back to sleep 😴

And so I spent like 1.5h doing all kinds of random stuff like surfing on my phone for 1h (uh, super unproductive please) and preparing to take a shower *currently waiting for my heater to heat up*

Later I have class at 1.30pm. Then I need to teach class at 7.30pm.

I'm standing in for an instructor who's on leave for three weeks.

Other things I need to do today include figuring out the new website and planning our comeback. And also deciding what to stock in at our retail racks.

I also need to start arranging for my next shoot and preparing stocks/designs and deciding on a suitable model.

Plus a few blogposts that are work-in-progress and I wanna write:

*Korea Étude House (part 1)
*BKK Travelogues
*IDS Clinic: my skin journey
*Tokyo Bust Express
*The Royal Mail fine dining

So I'm feeling a bit lost now and can't decide how to prioritize my work!

Apart from that, all my wedding vendors have been asking me when I'm free and available to meet up and discuss about the big day. 😰 It's not even May yet (Wedding in Jan) but I guess the date is looming closer!


Now that I'm all fresh, watered and clean.. Time to get started on some work! 👍

You know I already have part 1 of my Étude House entries all edited and ready to write and go live… But I'm so screwed because my favourite webapp that allows me to pull out image HTML from my Flickr albums has decided to be non-accessible and I don't really want to do it manually one by one *pulls hair*

Part 1 alone consists of 70 photos! Kill me already.

Can someone recommend me a image hosting website that allows me to generate the HTML code by batch and allow me to copy and paste that into my blog post?

Somebody save me!


Is it okay for a person in a relationship to go on dating websites/apps?

Here's my question of the day posed to you.

Actually, what I really want to know is. WHAT ARE PEOPLE EVEN THINKING?

I mean, attached people, who actually go onto dating websites/apps to meet new people.

One may argue that you just want to make new friends. Forge new friendships. But really?! Then why must find opposite sex one on dating websites?

I feel quite angry because I found out that a friend's boyfriend has been going on such websites regularly, and worse still, even met up with a girl a few times, all behind his gf's back.

Maybe it's just harmless flirting, but shouldn't you know where to draw the line when it comes to potentially relationship-wrecking issues like this?

What kind of respect are you showing to your partner in a committed relationship when you are at the same time seeking the thrill of meeting new people of the opposite sex?

He doesn't know how tolerant his partner has been to him already. She knows of him going on such websites and when she tried to talk to him about it, he actually said "You can also go on the website/app and talk to other guys also mah. I'm not stopping you, so why do you have an issue with me?"


This kind of warped logic also can. Then might as well say I go sleep around with other women and you can go sleep around with other men?

Then want relationship for what? What happened to the sanctity of a relationship? It just plain annoys me that one can be so self-righteous still when he is obviously treading on very thin ice on pretext of "making friends" and may any moment cross the line into betrayal or cheating.

I appreciate YZ a lot because he always gives wholeheartedly in our relationship.

I mean, a relationship takes work and effort. Of course it is easy to fall out of love with your partner and find others more interesting and more attractive, especially when you know each other so well and may go through the same routine everyday. That's life for you. Grass is always greener on the other side.

But think about it. That initial spark of excitement and interest. The endless hours of conversation when you're getting to know someone new. One day, all these will pass too. And you'd be back to square one, bored with another relationship & bored with another partner.

Love just doesn't work that way, does it?

It really does take active effort & participation to be in a loving relationship. Frequent words of affirmation, quality time together, physical contact & a desire to stay in love.

It takes so much compromise and appreciation and understanding.

To think about lasting a lifetime… It sure ain't easy.

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