BKK March’14: Day 1 at Sofitel So Bangkok

After much sieving through of photos and hours of editing of colour correcting/editing, I’m finally here with Day 1 of my Bangkok travelogues! 😀

Be prepared for a long post filled with pictures!

Believe it or not, this is actually the first time I’ve been to Bangkok in my adult life, so I was brimming with excitement and glee!

We departed from Singapore on a late morning flight with AirAsiaSG, and it was a smooth and uneventful flight. Touched down safely in Bangkok, and we immediately looked for a shop that sold pre-paid sim cards so that we could get data on our phones!

Went for the AIS pre-paid sim card, which costs 360 baht, approx SGD14. It comes with 1gb of data and is quite worth getting especially if you’re staying at least 5 days. First business of the day: to stay connected on social media! All us social media addicts would probably just die without data. I hate to admit it but it’s true.

You can get a taxi easily at the airport, and we even managed to get a maxi cab that fit all four of us and our huge luggages! Be prepared to pay about 600 baht for a trip from the airport to the city. In sing dollars, that works out to only twenty four dollars, which I find extremely affordable! That’s one of the perks about Bangkok, taxis are way cheaper than they are in Singapore!

As this was my first time in Bangkok, I wasn’t too familiar with their taxi system, but the other girls are pros at it and they taught me what to do! Whenever you get into a taxi, remember to ask to turn the meter on, and also the pink taxis are better avoided because the drivers may be unlicensed. We ran into a couple of unethical taxi drivers that really got us boiling mad! On the whole though, taxi was our main means of transport, and it was affordable and convenient for the four of us girls.

That first glimpse of BKK streets, cars and cars galore, messes of electrical lines and thai characters everywhere.

Car selfie!
It took less than an hour (about forty five minutes?) for us to reach our hotel: Sofitel So Bangkok.


Sofitel So Bangkok 

2 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak
Bangkok, Thailand



The bellboy at Sofitel So Bangkok assisting with offloading our luggages from the taxi!

Sofitel So Bangkok must be one of the most incredibly gorgeous luxury hotels I have EVER stepped foot in. Our two night stay at Sofitel So Bangkok was most definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

It is apparent right from the very first step into Sofitel So Bangkok, that it is not your typical hotel, at all.

Sofitel So Bangkok is a 5-star urban design luxury hotel, with themed accommodation created around the Five Elements – Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. Inspiring and innovative, it is a masterpiece of collaboration by Thailand’s top five designers, an award-winning architect and the world renowned fashion designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix!

Every single design aspect and element of every nook and cranny was meticulously designed with taste and flair, and I was so impressed with the beautiful interior decor!

Lift shot!
We were brought to Club Signature on the 25th floor (exclusive to So Club and Suite guests only) while the staff attended to our checking-in.

The Club Signature looked so welcoming and posh with rich splashes of colours and plush seatings!

I love the play of fabrics, textures and colours in the entire hotel, and especially inside Club Signature. Definitely my kind of decor! The mural collage on the wall is designed by the renown Christian Lacroix, who even designed the staff uniforms, those were absolutely stunning by the way!

We were served a special welcome drink.. A “magic potion”!

Look at how the drink is concocted from a transparent liquid into a rich indigo, and then “magically” transformed into a shade of violet purple! Thoroughly intriguing, and I really enjoyed the drink too!

PS. Check out one of the stylish uniforms designed by Christian Lacroix that’s an exquisite marriage of traditional Thai silk and colourful contrasts looking right off the runway. If I had to don on a uniform, this would probably be a uniform that I wouldn’t mind wearing!

Once we had gotten our check-in settled, it was time for FOOD!

Couldn’t get any more excited because I LOVE Thai food!!! Upon Jess’s recommendations, we made our way to a nondescript looking restaurant that’s only about two or three minutes away from the back entrance of Sofitel So Bangkok.

The place is called North East Restaurant, and if you exit from Sofitel So Bangkok’s back entrance/exit, you just have to turn left and walk straight down til you see it!

If you’re staying at Sofitel So Bangkok, you MUST MUST MUST MUST have at least one meal here! It was SO good!!! And affordable too! The four of us ordered up a storm and boy oh boy, Thai food has never tasted SO good!

It was probably because we were so hungry after the flight, but I honestly think the best Thai food we had in BKK (apart from the street food which can look pretty dodgy sometimes, more on that in later entry) was at North East Restaurant!

I adore coconuts. Thailand is my heaven!!! Started off my lunch with a fresh, sweet, chilled coconut with the most tender flesh you can imagine. I think I had at least two coconuts a day every single day, if I could get my hands on them coconuts! The girls were amazed with my coconut obsession. I can’t explain it either, I just really really like the taste and texture of fresh coconut water and flesh!

It was soooooo shiok!!! Complemented the spicy and tangy Thai food perfectly.

We ordered SO much food, just for four of us! And you know what, it only cost like 655 baht, approx SGD26, which worked out to be only 6 dollars plus per pax? Six dollars only gets me two coconuts in Singapore! -.-

Phad Thai

Basil Pork with Sunny Side Up


Fried chicken wings

Tanghoon salad

Tom yum soup

Thai iced milk tea

I don’t think I would be exaggerating to say that everything we ordered all tasted equally good!!! Flavourful, tangy, full of spice and super super shiok! Btw, most of the fried chicken we had in BKK was very good! Just very crispy and tasty somehow.

The rest of the Thai food were without a doubt the best-tasting I’ve had in my life. Hahaha. I sound like I’m gushing, but I really loved North East Restaurant so much that we went back again the day we checked out! Please eat there if you are in the area.

After an utmost satisfying lunch, we went back to Sofitel So Bangkok for a tour of the hotel facilities and rooms! 

Walked past Chocolab on the ground level, which had an uber cool display of a chocolate Chanel Lego and random MAC cosmetics-inspired chocolates! They also serve up some really indulgent sweet treats and cakes which we were so tempted to have, but decided not to, since we ate so much for lunch!

The main lobby is actually located on the 9th floor, together with Mixo Bar, where you can pop by for a drink or two in the evening. Everything feels super hip and posh and modern all at the same time and I love the energetic and lively vibes of Sofitel So Bangkok.

When we returned to Club Signature on the 25th floor, we were welcomed by an assortment of tea time snacks and finger food! Woah!!!

Despite our full tummies from lunch, we helped ourselves some more to some sweets and savouries. What indulgence!

Expect an assortment of goodies from macarons to little Thai cakes. I was particularly partial to the mini fruit tarts!

Oh yes, have I officially introduced my three travel partners for the trip? Marie, Melissa, and Jessica! Four girls together = crazy madness and fun! 😀

The special reception area just for So Club and Suit members! Fantastic service, I must say.

Touring the hotel rooms and facilities was such an eye opener! I can’t stop raving about Sofitel So Bangkok, really. I love anything with artistic elements, and Sofitel So Bangkok was just so well-designed and beautiful!

There are five main elements at Sofitel So Bangkok, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. Four of the elements have been designed into unique rooms that depict their respective element, while the fifth element: Fire, is incorporated into many of the common areas.

The walkway outside the Water Themed rooms.

Even the lifts have different themes!

Different levels of the hotel are categorised into four different themes: Water, Earth, Metal and Wood!

Presenting to you… the Metal room!

Purity and Modernity.
Frenetic Bangkok comes to a halt.a collage of metal, whites and glass. A transcendence of time and space.

Honestly, I feel that this room looks more like “air” than “metal”, but it is extremely spacious and gorgeous because everything is so white and clean! I also love the metal elements like the metal sculpture above the bed and even the toilet bowl. Hahha. Mel and Marie stayed in this room!

 Next was the Wood room.

Elegance and Tranquillity
Enter a calming oasis, murals sketched on silk evoking old Siam, alive with colour and the touch of a master.

The wood room had an extremely zen and comfortable feel, with lots of wood elements and the colour red, which made it feel very welcoming and warm! I was in love with the room number sign and the way it plays so cleverly with light and shadow, it is SO creative!

My second favourite room: The Water room!

Sophistication and Calm
Organic curves like flowing water, onyx glowing against cool dark marble. Drink in skyline panoramas from every vantage point.

The main focus of the Water room has got to be the HUGE bathtub! Can only imagine how luxurious it would feel to soak in that tub, and it’s so big that you can probably fit a few people inside too! I love that colourful fighting fishes in two glass containers are incorporated into the water theme, which is absolutely brilliant.

We got our card key, and Jess and I proceeded to our room, which is the last but definitely not the least of all the elements.. The Earth room!

Wonder and Enrichment
An enfolding haven adorned by Thai primeval wall paintings – mythical creatures, shadows flickering in the light.

A calming haven of cobalt blue, curves and open-plan design create a feeling of airy tranquillity. Through an asymmetrical archway, light shines softly through translucent curtains, shadows of painted mythical fauna slowly shifting throughout the day. 

Vitoon Kunalungkarn presents a contemporary take on rare indigenous design from the northeastern caves of Thailand. Grounded in simplicity and in tune with Mother Nature, possessing an enfolding cocoon adorned by Thai primaeval wall paintings. The softness of white furniture and an oversized bed contrast with dark wooden floors. 

To the left of the entrance, the open bathroom is bedecked with Art Deco black and white tiles, with floor-to- ceiling frosted glass, marble fixtures, a sunken bathtub and walk-in shower. A built-in minibar, work desk and flatscreen TV contribute to clean lines and the feeling of timeless sophistication.

I personally adore the Earth room the most out of all the elements, though to me it feels more like the oceans and waters instead of earth, what with the beautiful blue walls that are so calming and serene to look at!

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that there are murals of animals and nature on the blue wallpaper, and contrasting against the clean white furniture and wood floors, it is really, really, astounding!

There are also elements of black and white that complement the blue walls to lend a modern touch to the decor.

It’s an open concept idea where the bathroom sort of leads into the bed room, with an organic curved door that’s meant to bring a cave-like feel to the room!

There are more nature-related decals on the mirrored toilet side of the sliding doors that open up to the room.

I love the room SO much! Hands down the favouritest hotel room I have ever stayed in.

Oh yes, something cool for the tech geeks! The TV screen is actually linked up to a mac mini, and there’s even a wireless keyboard and mouse provided that allows you surf the internet on the hugeass TV screen! Super cool!

Our welcome gift: Fruits and a bottle of bael juice. I didn’t really like the bael juice but those longans were so crunchy and sweet mmmmmm!

What’s stocked up in the mini bar!

And our view from the hotel room: Lumpini Park that’s right across the road!

A couple of readers asked me about the safety of Sofitel So Bangkok because of the current situation in Bangkok right now: You can see those patches of blue, they are actually the protesters’ tents set up in Lumpini Park where they have been rallying and holding protests.

Rest assured though, at the hotel, everything is as per usual and the protesters in the park did not affect us in any way at all!

Moving on to evening time, we had an incredible dinner at Park Society, situated on the 29th floor of Sofitel So Bangkok!


Park Society 

Opening Hours: Dinner: 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Bar & Snacks: 5:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Drinks & Cocktail: 5:00 PM – 1:30 AM


Wonderful ambience, and a breath-taking view from 29th stories high up!

The kitchen is open-concept, so I got to watch the deft chef in action.

Us four ladies all dressed up for the evening, and sipping away on our cocktails!

I had a martini, but much preferred the Moscato they served us a little later on. Such a fan of sweet wines!

Starters: bread and a lobster bisque soup! Whetted my appetite so well, but I knew I had to reserve my stomach for the main courses..

We then moved on to the appetisers and main courses..

Foie gras..

A special tom yam ravioli that was so special and addictive!


Lobster Tortellini.

Lamb something.. Marie ordered a 5-course lamb set!

More lamb! Which was surprising so well-cooked and not gamey at all!

Wagyu beef… Melt in the mouth!

Pan roasted salmon with herb crust: This was mine. Delicious!


I honestly enjoyed every single course, everything tasted utterly delicious! We then followed up with a few desserts to share around the table.

Some berry soufflé, this one was a lil too sweet and berry-ish tasting for me.

Part of Marie’s set, ice cream made from goat’s milk?

Tiramisu, which everyone loved!

And the star that stole the show, a rich and dense chocolate lava cake that was oozing with molten chocolate!

We were served little chocolate truffles too!

It was such an extraordinary night, lovely companions, incredible food, and the best sort of ambience as we laughed over the amazing food and sips of delicious Moscato. An unforgettable experience at Park Society!

View from the window. Check out the number of cars on the road! The traffic in Bangkok is insane.

And when we got back to our hotel room… BUBBLE BATH! 😀 😀 😀

That ended the first day of the trip, which was nothing short of magnificent, thanks to Sofitel So Bangkok.

In the next BKK entry, I’m gonna be talking about Day 2, when we got to experience a fantastic breakfast buffet spread at Red Oven and a spa/massage session at So Spa, before heading out to shop at Platinum Mall!

There’s also going to be a SUPER give-away in the upcoming BKK entry: The winner will win a two night stay at Sofitel So Bangkok!!! OMG. How I wish I could pick myself as the winner hahaha because I SO want to go back to Sofitel So Bangkok! (Pun intended)

I hope that got you all excited, stay tuned for more soon! 😀


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