Outpost at St James 🍻

Dear Dayre,

Carrying on my update from Saturday to Sunday: Since it was past midnight when we were enjoying ourselves, chilling to live music at Outpost, St James Power Station!

I always appreciate a comfortable chill location, especially when there's good live music to listen to! πŸ‘

Outpost is a fairly new bar I think, but they already have a good lineup of live music every night as well as well-trained service staff and a cozy, laid back ambience that's not too noisy.

The fellow kakis! Do you call this a quartet date since there's four couples? Lol.

We were actually damn drained after all that brain work from Xcape I swear all of us just wanted to sit down, zone out and have a drink.

All the scrambling about for clues and hard thinking also made us hungry again, despite dinner just a few hours ago. Good thing Outpost had a good selection of finger food on the menu so we merrily ordered away!

Gave up on my crap diet plans liao. 😰

Some of the finger food we ordered, deep fried pork belly strips, crab patties, pizza, chicken wings, fries and more! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Perfect food to accompany a beer for the drinkers. I had a coke light cos I didn't feel like drinking! I'm not much of an alcoholic actually.

Live band of the night was a young and talented trio called Hubba Bubbas (if I am not wrong), and they did fantastic acoustic sets with a beatboxer, guitarist/backup singer and the talented female lead singer, who was crooning favourite covers and dedications from the audience!

Of course, the others had to make me go up on stage and sing lah -.- I honestly don't do English songs very well cos I hardly get to sing them. But the band was obliging enough to play a couple of songs for me to sing!

I never look good on stage one. Especially not when I'm singing 😰

Told the rest no recording but obviously no one really bothered and everyone was snapping and recording away anyway?!

@lianmeiting made a song dedication: Zombie by The Cranberries which is one of my fav English covers too! Oldie but goodie.

And so I got to do a duet together with Steph, Hubba Bubbas' lead singer!

Since no one paid heed to my //No Recording// notices, you get a 15 second snippet of Zombie. Lol but I think it sounded much better live! The recording makes everything sound so flat somehow. Can't really hear the instruments as well.

That's why I said no recording mah! Then all those listening live would leave thinking "Wah that was a great song!" Instead of going home listening to a video and thinking "Ehhhh not so impressive after all.."

Pretty ugly group photo with @lianmeiting, @evepek and @evonnz! It's okay, can't be pretty and glam all the time. Girlfriends who know how to have fun are the best 😁

It was a fabulous way to end off a great night!


We really should do this more often! YZ and I are usually social recluses. This is probably one of a few rare occasions that we're out and about with friends and partners! Makes a nice change once in a while ☺️

Randomly, I've been having constipation/indigestion problems lately πŸ˜” Remember how I mentioned I had a tummy ache a couple of weeks ago?

Happened to me another two times, and on Sunday night, it occurred again after a meal of steak and grilled chicken. Case of too much meat? 😰 The second time it happened, I also had steak too!

Had a bad tummy ache for a couple of hours and made multiple toilet runs but it took some time before the tummy ache subsided. I hope it goes away cos it's annoying!

Feeling a lil guilty for having skipped Insanity for a few days, (staying out late with friends on Sat, then tummy ache on Sun) but I am so gonna pack my sports shoes into my suitcase tomorrow so that I can carry on working out in Korea!


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