Kota Kinabalu on Air Asia! ✈️

Dear Dayre,

Vacation time!!!

You won't believe how dedicated I am. I woke up at friggin 8am this morning just to get today's Insanity workout in! 😱😱😱 Was super duper shiong man! One hour workout with Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs 💦💦💦 But I'm glad I did it so I don't have to worry or feel guilty for not doing today's workout! Now I've got achey knees from the consecutive jumping about yesterday night and today morning. 😓

After which I rushed down to Graceous to get my lashes touched up before I ran back home to pack before @shiberty picked me up to the airport at 3.30!

Was so paranoid that I would forget something as usual but all seems fine… Lol

We checked in easy and fuss free at the AirAsia RED CARPET row! Don't need to queue. So awesome! Thank you #AirAsiasg!!

Here's me looking all holiday-ish already. Whoop whoop!!!

@evonnz @jaynetham and my first holiday together!! This Tham looks like Japanese tourist right? Hahaa.

You wouldn't believe how yummy the AirAsia onboard meal was! The nasi lemak was sooooooo good even though it looks so plain and unassuming! I was very impressed. So much for my low carb diet.. Gone.

Btw, the Muttons are here on the trip too! They had to double up as air stewards during the flight which was quite funny lol. It's just weird cos since I know Vernon personally thru Tham so when he was serving me it felt super strange. @heyrozz is here on the same trip too, as well as a few other media peeps!

The beautiful sunset I caught from a thousand miles in the air! I love catching the sunrises and sunsets during flights. It's just gorgeous.

Landed right on schedule at our destination: Kota Kinabalu!!! And we were brought for a huge seafood dinner! I was honestly too stuffed from onboard meal to eat much. But the food was pretty good! The prawns 😻😻😻

And now @shiberty and I have just gotten ourselves settled into our HUGE hotel room which looks amazing!!!

She's taking a shower so I'm doing a quick update on Dayre before I take some time to work on my two overdue adverts 😰 We have to be up at 6am tomorrow!!! Good luck to me.

Tomorrow's schedule sounds really fun: white water rafting and wetlands tour! But damn sian. My period just came like now. Whaaaaaattttt 😔😔😔

Gonna mask with Kiehls's new Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque while I work on my computer later hohoho! I always bring masks along on holidays cos I'm not religious with them when I'm at home unfortunately 😅

It's supposed to give you the same results as using Kiehl's super best seller Clearly Corrective solution for three months! I hope so cos tmr we're gonna be in the hot 38 deg sun 😱☀️

I'm so damn kiasu when it comes to sun protection that I brought like FIVE different sunscreens and sunblocks?! Some is spray on for body, most are for face application and I even have the oral Heliocare sunblock pills! Please don't let me become darker please please please 🙏🙏🙏

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