KK Day 2: Borneo Reef World 🐟

Dear Dayre,

Sorry for the lack of updates today, it was a packed packed day!

Well, let's start from breakfast! I woke up at 6.30am and made sure that we were down for breakfast by 7.30 cos call time was 8.30am πŸ˜‚ So here's our breakfast! Lotsa lotsa eggs I can't do without them!

After brekkie, we took a cruise out to the largest pontoon in SEA: Borneo Reef World! There are many sea activities to do there but our flight was in the afternoon, so no scuba diving nor sea walking due to the pressure difference thingy. Sigh what a pity!

We were allowed to go snorkeling though but everyone was reluctant cos it meant we'd have to go straight to airport without a proper shower & most of the peeps decided not to. I hesitated for abit before deciding to go for it!! YOLO right?!

Here's the view from the pontoon! This was taken with my iPhone and you can see that the surroundings are really beautiful. It was also a very sunny day with a strong sea breeze, perfect weather!

The only three girls who decided to go for it, @shiberty, myself and Avril, who's from AirAsia!

We were REALLY excited! Put our gear on and it was time to kick off and plunge into the deep! πŸŸπŸ πŸ’¦πŸŠ

It was a lil uneasy at first but you slowly get used to the feeling of being in the big scary ocean! The water was so deliciously cold! That is, until I got a noseful of salt water up my nose. Man, that really burnt and got me sputtering!

It was super cool cos we did manage to see SO MANY fishes!! I'm glad I brought my camera down into the water (got myself an underwater housing for my camera) though I was so paranoid at first that water would seep in and damage my camera, but it worked perfectly fine!

Sorry this picture isn't very clear cos I edited it on the phone! Hoping to process the pics better on my laptop soon 😊

And we saw Nemo and Dory both! As well as so many other fishes, there were little electric blue fishes that darted about swiftly, a happy looking rainbow fish that was pecking away at the seabed, many tiny silver fish with scales that glimmered in the sun rays.

It was a whole new world in the waters and I was so fascinated and delighted!

@shiberty and I, we were both extremely glad that we decided to go for the snorkeling experience though so many people sat out on it! It was definitely the highlight of the day for me.

I really hope to try scuba diving next! The thought of going so deep down into the ocean is quite scary though! 😱

Meanwhile I'll stick to snorkeling first ya. It was such a beautiful experience!!! 😻

But anyway after awhile my snorkeling mask was giving me a bad headache cos it was so friggin tight I retired to dry land to rinse off and change into a fresh set of clothes!

Can't believe we're back to reality land so soon meh.

Thank you #AirAsiaSG for the wonderful opportunity to visit Kota Kinabalu! Can't wait for the next trip out of Singapore next week! ✌

I tried to take videos of the snorkeling experience but I didn't really get clear shots of the fishies and corals! 😭 Waiting for one of the other peeps (one of the photographer/videographer for the trip) to send over his super clear videos taken with his go pro!

🐟🐟🐟 Tuna belongs in the ocean

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