BKK Day 5: Going home!

Dear Dayre,

Woke up with a heavy heart cos we were returning to Singapore tonight! So we had about half a day before we needed to get to the airport for our flight, and we decided that our last day would be spent on more shopping and eating!!!

I woke up at 7am again to do insanity, but Mel and Marie the two sleeping beauties slept all the way til like ten lol. So much for meeting at 8 for swimming and gym?! Next time I won't trust these two girls again when it comes to morning plans lol!

Off we went back to Platinum Mall area to shop and eat!! Our first stop was at a small restaurant across the road from Platinum Mall, this one is very frequently visited by Singaporeans I think and the staff can even speak Chinese!

They only sell wantan mee and tur kah peng so we ordered those two!!

Damn tiny portion for like 20 baht or something like that! But everyone agreed they were yummy!!

Jess was like "Oh I don't really feel like wantan mee" then she had a bite and went "MMM can I order a bowl too??" 😍

Woaaa I really love the tur kah peng (pig trotter rice) imagine tender braised pig trotters with lean meat and fatty skin in this super tasty braised sauce and "liap liap" rice!!!

YZ will definitely love this so next time I must bring him there!

One huge pot of braised pig trotters bubbling outside the shop with the most delicious smelling aroma wafting towards you. OMG!

More photos and details on my blog ok! Be patient!!

We also got more coconut (my average is two servings of coconut a day haha!) Mel and Jess didn't finish their coconut cos it was a lil diluted so they gave theirs all to me!! Sibei shiok diluted or not I also drink. Now I want a coconut!

The other girls were amazed by my love for coconuts. Every place that has coconut or every stall we walk past selling coconut confirm means I will stop to get one πŸ™Š

We shopped like crazy around the area and got so many buys! It's really quite affordable too so I kind of regret not having shopped more haha!

Not all the clothes that I bought fit well though, meh. You won't get to try on the clothes so you have to have a good eye for them and whether they will fit well! Workmanship is also an issue cos the quality for most apparel isn't very good.

But in general I did get a couple of pretty buys!! We only stopped shopping when.. All of us ran out of cash! 😨

After a few hours of hard shopping, we has to go back to After You for the last time.. Overkill? Hahaa abit but it was still super nice! We ordered TWO toasts this time. *fat max*

Having stuffed ourselves silly, it was time to return to the hotel to grab our luggage and head off to the airport! 😭 The hotel kindly booked a maxi cab for us for a flat rate of 700 baht to the airport. Reasonable, I would say.

We reached the airport in good time, which was fortunate because there was a lot of luggage re packing to do lol! Overshot the baggage limit by like almost 10kg in total?!! Cos we bought 20kg per pax but it was obviously not enough!!

Just look at the amount of luggage we had in the picture.

Us at the airport counter trying to get the most out of our baggage and hand carry allowances hahaha in the end we managed to somehow get through without paying extra! #likeapro

Our very last meal in BKK, at a restaurant inside the airport called Mango Tree! We pooled all our last few baht to scrape together for a meal. It was so pathetic hahaha we almost didn't have enough baht to pay and then everyone dug through their bags to find more baht and I managed to find like extra 300 baht or something hidden in one of the many compartments of my bag!!!

I knew that all those compartments would come in handy one day. Who knew there was so much baht stuffed away inside? Suddenly having that 300 baht made me feel like the richest person ever lol!

Heng ah we got just enough to pay for the meal if not we quite embarrassing. Can you imagine we ordered like one bottle of mineral water to split among four people cos we were so broke? πŸ˜‚

Snoozing on the two hour plane ride home, in style. Lol! Everyone like a pro.

The sweetest sights to arrive back in Singapore to… BOYFRIENDS! 😻😻😻

#melnjon last warning ok the moment Mel saw Jon waiting at the arrival gate she just left her huge trolley of luggage right in the doorway and blocking everyone else to run over and give Jon a big hug!

Enough hor the two of you ah I tell you! ☝️

Mine came to pick me up too!!! 😘😘😘

We started regaling them with tales of taxi drivers and fire alarms and other stuff and decided we were all hungry and needed to have supper!!

Ended up at Meng Kitchen along Upper Thomson road for ba chor mee!

Not as nice as YZ's family one I feel but the vinegar was good!

Happy to be back home to see my boy! πŸ’•

We got back home at 2am and crashed!! So tired but what a great five days of vacation!! I am very thankful!

Thank you @shiberty @melissackoh and @mariemjsoh for the super awesome time in BKK!!! We must #bangkokboundbabes again ASAP! Withdrawal symptoms liao 😭

I have an insane amount of photos so do wait for my detailed blog posts on my blog okay! Soon, I promise! 😊

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