BKK Day 3: Onsen & epic night incident

Dear Dayre,

Ok I am one day back logged so I need to catch up quick if not I'm gonna be lagging behind!

This is me posing with Sofitel So Bangkok's tuktuk (I haven't gotten the chance to sit on one but honestly I don't really need to experience it haha the traffic in Bangkok can be quite scary) just as we were checking out of the hotel! 😭

Enjoyed the two night stay at Sofitel So Bangkok so much and I would love to go back again if I have the chance to!

A final picture with Sofitel So Bangkok's PR in charge Germaine who ensured that we were extremely well taken care of. If you ever go to Bangkok, you gotta consider Sofitel So Bangkok! πŸ‘ I was so reluctant to pack up and leave 😭

Nonethless, we had to leave to check into our next hotel: Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit! And also to rush off for our next appointment: @mariemjsoh introduced us to an onsen spa in BKK and all of us were really excited to experience it!

A word of caution about BKK taxis: they can be crazily unethical and damn rip off! 😑😑😑

From what I know, you ought to avoid the pink taxis cos they are usually unlicensed or something, and when you get any cab, you must check with them if they will turn on the meter! If not they will just 乱乱砍菜倴 and quote you super expensive, like 200 baht for a taxi ride that would only be 60 baht if going by the meter!

So the kind concierge at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit got us ladies a taxi that was metered, but guess what, once the taxi driver drove off from the hotel, he turned off the meter and even pulled out this mini tv screen from the dashboard that blocked the meter from view!


Then he said, "200 baht!"

And we were like, NO!!! No 200 baht! Meter!

And the stupid taxi driver just laughed damn loud and said no no no, no meter!



Since he so ιœΈι“, I also ιœΈι“ back to him. I said NO 200 BAHT. 100 BAHT. In the end we came to a compromise lo, no meter but we paid him 100 baht (could have been only 60-70 baht I think)

Anyway sua. Cos he brought us to the right place in the end and it's really only a few dollars difference. But still!

Never mind, keep calm and carry on.

We arrived at Yumonori Osen & Spa and I was quite amazed.. It was like a mini Japanese retreat in the heart of Thailand!

Four of us ladies looking all dainty in the Japanese yukatas provided during the spa!

We first got about 30 minutes to soak in the onsen, and it was so authentic Japanese that there were a couple of Japanese ladies just walking about in their birthday suits (i.e. naked!!!) like it was the most normal thing on earth.

Damn shy ok! Lol. But don't worry, they provided disposable boob tubes and underwear for the guests as well!

The interior of the spa is so zen! Really very Japanese and "zakka".

Got feel right? Can't believe this is in Bangkok!

You are not supposed to bring your camera into the onsen area for obvious reasons cos there are so many naked ladies walking around! But we sneaked a camera into one of the secluded areas and took just a few pictures *erhem*

Sawadeekappp konnichiwaaa!

After onsen, I decided upon doing Thai massage and foot reflexology: the rest did aromatherapy and some herb compressed ball thing!

My Thai massage was like doing yoga man! But the masseur was really good!! She really kneaded out every single one of my muscles real good and stretched and contorted me in all kinds of positions.

Extremely zen-ed out and shiok-ed out after the two hour long Thai massage and foot massage! I would totally go back to Yunomori again just for the wonderful overall ambience and also the skilled masseur!

Price wise it is about 1070 baht for my onsen + Thai massage + foot massage while the other girls paid like 1700++ baht for aromatherapy + herb ball so I actually think mine was much more worthwhile!

Not everyone can tahan Thai massage though but it was δΈ€δΈͺ shiok! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

After the shiok-tisfying onsen and massage, we headed back to Sofitel Sukhumvit for a dinner at L'Appart, their super high class fine-dining restaurant!

The pictures are with Mel so wait for them on my blog! 😬

Enjoying my starter: Foie Gras! 😻😻😻

@mariemjsoh and I like a chio hehe damn this "like a …" is starting to become a habit thanks to @melissackoh!!!

Anyone remember this romper that I'm wearing? Planning to re-manufacture it for TVD again!!

Cheers!!! 🍷🍷🍷

Oh yeah, outfit picture of the day! My super nice ootd shot taken by @shiberty why my friend so talented can bake can sing can take nice photo one??

Top from H&M and printed flute skirt upcoming on #thevelvetdolls! Love max!

We went back to our hotel room and went bonkers with stupid dancing singing and camwhoring and then the most epic thing happened!!!!!!!!!

In the middle of our lazing around and chit-chatting (it was about 12 midnight), suddenly, a super duper loud announcement came through the intercom system.



TWICE!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

Our first reaction was: "Are you f**king kidding me???? What's going on!!!"

But when the announcement went off a second time, we being the kiasee Singaporeans of course fasterly listened to instructions and all of us scrambled to change into decent clothes and to grab our passports and important articles, just in case.

Then we headed to the nearest fire exit and there were other bewildered hotel guests too, taking the stairs down to the ground floor.

It was quite scary cos we didn't know what was going on! Was it a bomb?! (Quite a few bomb cases recently 😨) Was there a fire?! Is there some eminent danger or impending doom??! Were we going to dieeeeeee???

My heart was pumping with fear and adrenaline man. Like real one! And further more we had to climb down 20 flights of stairs to get to ground level?! *pants* No joke man.

All the way to the ground floor, we (mostly me) were sprouting rubbish like,

If they're going to make me climb up 20 flights of stairs later… IMMA GONNA KEEL THEM!!!

WHAT?! 12th level only??


WE'RE NEARLY AT GROUND FLOOR! Vertical marathon, we can do it!!!

Siao one. Too much adrenaline I swear!

We reached the ground floor, expecting to see fire engines or something… But no, nothing leh!!

Walked into the hotel lobby wondering what was going on and found a hotel manager explaining to a crowd of scared and sleepy hotel guests that…



Apparently there was some fault with a water pump in the engine room that activated the fire alarm… Wut???! False alarm!

All the hotel guests after seeking assurances that nothing was the matter.. Going back to their hotel room after being rudely disturbed by such a scare.

And us!! Jess still in her bathrobe wtf while Mel and I were holding on to our laptops and cameras cos those two items are dead important to us!!! If one day really fire I sure grab 1. Phone 2. Laptop 3. Camera πŸ‘

Omg. Even after we got back upstairs to our rooms, we were still in a state of εΏƒζƒŠθƒ†θ·³ and it took some time to calm ourselves down.

Really got us worried for awhile there! Thank God nothing was the matter!

That ended a very epic night. And I'm so super sleepy now!!!

Update again tomorrow!

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