BKK Day 2: Shopping at Platinum!

Dear Dayre,

Rise and shine!! Omg I am so proud of myself once again because I managed to wake up at like 6am to do my insanity workout! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Go Yina Goh!!!

40 minutes of Cardio Balance And Recovery (what recovery sia) got me all worked up in a sweat and awake. This ain't a bad way to start a holi-day at all!!!

I felt pretty energized after the morning exercise and freshened up a little before we headed downstairs to hotel breakfast buffet at Red Oven. πŸ˜‹

I love hotel breakfasts man. Especially breakfast foods like eggs and bacon and sausages they are my favourite! 😻

You probably saw my breakfast shot on Instagram already, nice hor?

Tell you a secret. Actually I spent like 15 minutes plating my breakfast.. For that perfect Instagram shot. #mylifeisjustforshow #whattodo

That aside.. Breakfast was so satisfying! Their croissant was damn good btw oh so buttery soft and flaky I had to resist temptation *εƒεŠδΈͺε°±ε€ŸδΊ†*

If you are there also check out the ice cream (yesss breakfast buffet got ice cream!!!) cos the ice cream was so good! I liked the Thai Milk Tea flavour so much πŸ’•

Right after awesome breakfast, we headed to the pool to take a dip before spa session. This is the life man I could get used to eat relax swim spa! Nua until cannot.

The weather was surprisingly nice today, just a lil sunny but mostly cloudy so it wasn't too hot!

Soaked in the pool and just enjoyed the nice cool waters for a bit before it was time for our spa at So Spa. I was looking forward to it sooooo much! (Pun intended) So good.

So after a fantastic spa (I went for the sports massage which was sadistically good, so pain but so good) we went to.. PLATINUM MALL TO SHOP!!!!

Didn't take many pictures while we were there, too busy shopping. My first time at Platinum Mall and I was overwhelmed man! Too many too many shops! Too many things to buy! Wah lao eh

We went up to Platinum's food court for lunch! HELLO MANGO STICKY RICE. I love you!!! πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸšπŸšπŸš

Honestly I didn't really buy that much cos not enough time, not enough money, and also too many shops and stalls that I was really overwhelmed 😱

But let me show you some of my loot hohoho!!

SO CUTE this crochet tote! 420baht after a bit of bargaining!

Imitation raybans for like 230baht! Bought this off the night markets at Siam Centre 😎

Shirts for YZ! Oh no I forgot how much they cost! 240baht per tshirt I think!

Hahahah yay I spent like almost all my money but luckily we could get Sing dollars changed straightaway at Sofitel So Bangkok!

Outfit shot taken by @shiberty! Kept on getting photo bombed wtf but ok managed to get a decent shot! That's my new beaded clutch btw I got it for like 550 baht quite expensive!

A nice shot in front of Siam Paragon!

The street shopping was quite fun actually!

I ended the night by getting my favourite coconut from the gourmet supermarket for like 33 baht and they will chop it open for you on the spot too! What?!

Coconut nut nut nut!

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