BKK Day 1: Thai food is awesome!

Dear Dayre,

It's vacaaaaayyyyy-time!!! Again, hahaha, this is the life man.

But just for your info, this is actually my virgin trip to BKK in my entire adult life!!!!

Yup. #suakumuch

Airport ootd from Luela and Megagamie AND my new shoes!!

Oh yeah, the bag is from taobao too and it's quite new as well. Yay!

We just touched down safely in BKK, thank God. I've been constantly refreshing for updates on the MH370 disappearance and it's just tragic. Sigh.

Glad to report safe in BKK and I hope it's safe here too. We are currently in a taxi on the way to our hotel and I am SO. HUNGRYY.

So this was our lunch and it was… DAMN DAMN DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!

Can you believe that this entire table of food only cost us about $26SGD? OMG.

That's like $6 per pax! 😱😱😱

I know I'm gonna be a happy girl in BKK already.

Checking into our hotel for the next two days: Sofitel So Bangkok!

This hotel is amazing. I'll be blogging in more detail cos Dayre is just not enough!

Chilling at the lounge.. The decor of the entire hotel is simply incredible! Wait til you see my room! Mad nice 😻

So, this is what our hotel room looks like! 💕💕💕

Bunking with @shiberty in this Earth themed room at #sofitelsobangkok and it is a beautiful medley of blue with black and white accents, as well as illustrative tribal wall art and trippy curved walls that makes the entire room feel cave-like and super cosy! 💙 I am in looove with this hotel!

Btw the tv is a hugeass computer monitor as well which is damn cool?! Wireless keyboard on my knees & I can use the computer just like that!

We went on a tour of all the different themed rooms (too many pics to put on Dayre so wait for my blog post) and it was really damn nice!

After which we spent some time resting before dinner at Park Society, which is the atas fine dining restaurant at the top of Sofitel So Bangkok.

Literally did nothing today but eat!

We dressed up a little since it was fine dining after all!

Dinner was wonderful, fantastic ambience with a really nice city view as well as a bottle of Moscato that was utterly delicious! And the food was so good!

It was pretty dark so all the pictures are in my camera and I need to edit them! Which means you'll probably only see them on the blog.

I'm not gonna do Insanity tonight cos my food isn't digested enough yet so I'll have an early night and try to wake up early tmr! Breakfast at 8am and spa session at 10am can't waittttt!!!

The hotel bed is like shiok only. I am so glad to be here! Thank you universe for aligning the stars for me!


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