Dear Dayre,

So today is…


Woah, I haven't gone out specifically just to shop for a long long while!!

And call me strange, but I always prefer to shop by myself, without anyone else. I find that it's much more relaxing that way and I don't have to feel stressed about taking my time to browse and choose and shop.

Actually I don't know why I have this habit of wanting to buy new stuff before an overseas trip.. 😰 It's like I'm going to the land of shopping (BKK) tomorrow and I can jolly well shop there!

But anyway I enjoy shopping at some of my favourite brands so I think it's ok lah.. Different from BKK street shopping!

So when I shop I usually either do it on weekday afternoons, or if not Sunday early afternoon cos I like to shop in peace and quiet.

I strolled from ION to Taka today and ended up with quite a few purchases: two new pairs of shoes (wheeeee!!) and some new clothes!

Retail therapy is indeed very shiok.

I'm feeling quite accomplished with my "ζ”ΆθŽ·", it sucks when you go to town specifically to shop and come back empty-handed cos there was nothing suitable to buy! Happens sometimes.

I especially love my new shoes hehe my taste in shoes have changed drastically over the past few years.. I used to like to wear quite dainty looking flats but now loafers and strappy shoes are more my thing! And I bought two pairs today from Pedder Red: a pair of Toms (super comfy one!) and a pair of printed loafers.

Hehehehe ζœ‰εΌ€εΏƒεˆ° later then I show my loot okay I'm going to meet my dear for date now!

ζˆ‘θ·Ÿζˆ‘ηš„η™½ε…ˆη”Ÿ πŸ‘«

We are going on a Tanjong Katong food hunt!!!

First stop: Eng's Char Siew Wantan Mee! 🍜

Super funny. The chilli had a sign on it that says ⛔️ "BEWARE OF SUPER HOT CHILLI"

I personally thought Eng's was not too bad! The noodles were quite Q and the charsiew was flavorful and tender. The wantan were good too but tasted like the pork filling was very fatty somehow.

And the chilli sauce: really damn spicy! Didn't dare to take too much cos of the previous tummy ache incident 😨

Part two of Tanjong Katong food hunt: ice cream at Little Ice Cream Kafe! πŸ˜‹

I wouldn't give this place points for decor, cos the interior was quite haphazard and not the most well put-together but they did serve up a mean waffle with ice cream!

Very interesting flavours like Kaya Toast (tasted more like coconut and there were pieces of bread crumbs in it too), Gula Melaka, Lavender something and what not.

We went for Sea Salt Caramel (almost never goes wrong) and Kaya Toast with waffle!

Freshly baked and the waffle was very crisp yet fluffy! YZ super loves it and claims it's the best waffle he's ever tasted. Hmmm.. I still like Wimbly Lu the best but this one wins in terms of ice cream portion (WL gives a pathetic tiny scoop of ice cream) and it was really addictive with the sea salt caramel ice cream!

Oh btw they have different promos for every weekday not bad eh! Ice cream buffet on Fridays!

If you thought we ended there…. Nope πŸ˜‚

We walked along Tajong Katong and Punggol Nasi Lemak was just about to open for business: and there was already a queue! Mad one 😨

Ok lah 反正一δΈͺδΊΊι‚£δΉˆζœ‰mood, ε°±ζ₯δΈ€δΈͺ吧!!

YZ loves Punggol Nasi Lemak btw but we usually go to the one at Kovan! I personally think TK one is nicer cos it's fresher somehow.


Fragrant "liap liap" rice, the chilli also damn sedap! My fav is the curry chap chye and the stir-fried hae bi long beans.

And of course the chicken wing!!! Freshly deep fried is damn good

ζ€ŽδΉˆεŠž πŸ˜‚ ζˆ‘θ¦θ‚₯ζ­»δΊ†

Right, so a couple pics of my shopping loot! πŸ’•

I only took pics of the new shoes lah teehee so for the clothes wait til I get a chance to wear then I take pic okay!

This pair of snakeskin loafers didn't attract me at first but they are actually super gorgeous when worn!!! 😻 And I've been into loafers and flats more now cos they are comfier plus they balance out my silhouette better (skinny calves/ankles but wide hips/big thighs.. I look damn unproportionate if I wear pointy shoes πŸ˜•

And my second pair of Toms!!! One of the comfiest footwear ever and they are very sturdy too! πŸ’• I forsee myself wearing these very often!

So happy with the new shoes but I need to make sure Mummy doesn't see them yet if not she's gonna scream πŸ™Š


Month 1 of Insanity Workout complete!!!

I AM AWESOME! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Tbh, although it's been a month and halfway through the entire workout, I haven't seen drastic changes in my physique like how some people have. Hahahaa obviously I need to eat less 😲

But I will not be discouraged!!! 😀

Also, for the readers asking where to get the workout videos from, I got them from my friend but I believe you can find it via torrent download quite easily.. *erhem*

Dying on the floor right now after workout. But it feels gooooooood πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Next week is "Recovery Week" on the schedule with "Core Cardio & Balance" 6 days straight which sounds like a good thing since I'm gonna be on holiday from Mon-Fri! Bringing my sports attire along and planning to carry on working out every day.

And now I need to go pack for my trip: flying off tomorrow morning and I haven't packed!!! Woaaaaaa time to eat shop eat spa massage to my heart's content with @shiberty @melissackoh and @mariemjsoh!

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