Dear Dayre,

Back logged again! So hard to update on the go because this time round I didn't get any wifi or data plan, so I've just been tapping into public wifi whenever possible to get online and catch up with social media.

One of the best things about Korea is that there's sooo many hotspots all over the place haha can steal internet easily! :X Save money ya. If not data roaming is $15 a day!

Thursday was the day of the Étude House media event, we started off with a visit to Myeong Dong!

@evonnz and I at Étude House's flagship store in Myeong Dong!

Étude house had the cutest PINK shopping trolleys!!! So cute please!

They gave us these adorable pink coins to "play" gashapon with! Was so tempted to keep my coin for myself.

Unfortunately all I got was… A makeup puff 😒

*not worth taking a picture of*

With some of the other bloggers, Evonne, @ngmiyake and Trish!

Had a field day shopping at Étude house wheeee! I couldn't decide which products to get >.< In the end I got myself quite a few lip products since I use those very often ☺️

Here is the entire team of delegates from both Singapore and Hongkong. Right outside the newly renovated Myeong Dong Etude House!

Everything looks so pink and princessy and girly, in line with Étude House's philosophy, which is to make every girl feel like a princess!

They even had a little wall with a huge mirror and dainty tiaras for us to play with. It's no wonder that Étude House is such a well-loved brand in Korea.

Highlight of the day: we found a lone cherry blossom tree.. In someone's half-constructed house/backyard! 😱 (Disclaimer: The white flowering tree in this picture is not a sakura tree hahaa)

The flowers were in the midst of blooming and they were so pink and gorgeous!

(This is starting to sound like a very bimbotic entry. Everything also so pink and pretty.)

But just look at these!!!

Nature is so beautiful. 🌸🌸🌸 (And yes they really have yellow pollen thingies in the middle just like the emoticon!)

Also, can't believe that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 was able to capture this shot because the flowers were actually super high up! Even with my Olympus 45mm lens, I couldn't get as near and clear a shot as this. There is up to 21x magnification zoom on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2! 👍

Took this with my 45mm lens.

After all the media sessions were over, we headed to Gangnam underground shopping mall (at the train station) to walk around and shop. It's a huge area of small boutique shops similar to Platinum Mall or Bugis Street kind of feel but the stuff there were pricier than I expected them to be! Bought an oversized blazer (29000 won) and a pair of boots (45000 won).

The shopping mall closes at 10pm, so we went back to ground level in search of supper with some of the other ladies from Singapore (Étude House's marketing team and magazine & press writers, who were looking for something called "fried chicken & beer" lol!

We walked into a side street with lotsa lights, so I grabbed @evonnz for this shot, taken by Joreen, who has been doubling up as our photographer in need.

Love the bokeh from the street lights! 😍

Ootd shots are always fun-ner overseas, you can act 一个 and it doesn't matter because you're just a dumb tourist. Hahaa.

Anyway, we did find a fried chicken and beer spot, but I'll save that for my blog post!

Am writing my bkk blog posts now and I'm hoping to put up the first one soon!! Dayre is fun but the real content and information's still over at the main blog. I hope there are still people reading my actual blog! 🙈

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