Dear Dayre,

Throwback to last Tuesday when I was in KK, the old rustic buildings at Tamparuli were too photogenic not to snap a couple of shots with!

You know, I really admire these anonymous trolls. It's nice to know that I'm so worthy of your attention! Thank you thank you ☺️

Another gorgeous blue shophouse facade. Aiyo everywhere is like ootd opportunity in this little town Tamparuli.

By the way, my romper is from Topshop! I love how it looks like a two-piece but is actually a romper. 💕 And this rainbow weaved straw bag! I bought it from Bimba & Lola a long time ago and since then it has become super popular and many blogshops were selling a inspired similar version. It's the perfect beach getaway bucket bag!

Ok now I need to get back to my computer to finish churning out another post! 💪

Be back in a bit 👋


My shaggy yorkie says hi 😂 Finally managed to complete my post but I felt somewhat uninspired. And this silly dog was flopped like a furry rug next to me on the floor.

What she looks like when she's in furry rug mode, she often does this when she has nothing to do 😂

Her adorable puppy eyed face. But she hates taking photos and looking at the camera 😑

And here's QQ's ugly step sister Baby hahaha she's ugly but adorable!

Papa goh giving Baby a nice tummy rub while jealous QQ looks on lol.

I'm having a major tummy ache now!! Suspect it's cos of the basil pork I ate earlier when I went to CP in the evening.. It had a lot of chilli in it and YZ says it's causing my tummy ache 😖

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