Dear Dayre,

Dim sum lunch at Royal China @ Raffles Hotel today! With YZ's family cos it's their off day today. 😋

I miss Singaporean food man after just less than three days away hahaha Singapore food is still the best! 👍

The dimsum at Royal China is really quite good! My favourite dish was the hargao (super soft skin and the prawn inside ultra crunchy and tasty!) and the salted egg yolk bun (damn gao filling and it was overflowing with the salted yolk custard!)


Getting my nails done at #thenailartelier now whoop! @jenrine is the awesomest ever. Waiting in anticipation to see the outcome!

All done with my nails after almost four hours at TNA.. I did gel pedi and mani! Here's a video of the mani, mad love the 3D embossed knit design sooooo pretty! 😻

For my toe nails I did something cute too hehe

🎹🎼🎶 Music notation and piano toe nails!

This @Jenrine skills mad one can draw the lines of the music bar and keyboard so so so parallel and straight!

Sorry my toes not too photogenic, please focus on the nail art instead okay

Love so many things about this set of nails!

💫The super nice color combi
💫The matte finishing
💫 The rose & heart on my thumbs!
💫 The half moon crescent "hem"



YZ and I did two rounds of insanity today cos he fell asleep last night and we skipped yesterday's workout! Heng today (Thursday) is Cardio Recovery so we did Plyometric Circuit (yesterday's workout) in the morning and today's Cardio Recovery at night.

Hardcore eh!!

Just another two workouts and Month 1 will be officially over and done with! 💪 Amazing that we're still hanging on!

After that is one week of "Recovery" with some special workout and then Month 2 begins 😳

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