Dear Dayre,

It is 3.38am now as I'm tapping away and @evonnz is in the bathtub having a soak after our long day!

Haven't had the time to update earlier, gosh. Gonna keep it short and sweet if possible cos I feel compiled to update even though I really don't have that much time to! When abroad, time is a huge commodity and wasting any bit of time irks me.

On Friday, we went back to Juno Hair again for another shampoo/blowdry, and the staff were so happy to see us again! They are really sweet!!

My hairstylist (her name is Shim Sol Lip) did curls for me this time and I really liked the way it looked, sort of tousled and natural and very different from the usual kind of curls! I find that my hair is too short though. Still trying to grow out the hair!

Checked into our new hotel at Myeong Dong, after which we cabbed down to Hapjeong to meet Mel, Shine and Melvin, who were in Korea too, coincidentally!

The lip color that I'm wearing in the above picture is Étude House's Color Lips-Full liquid lipstick in PK02!

It's extremely bright and pigmented and I love how lasting it is! New fetish for liquid lip tints and this is going into my stash of favourites! I love pink lip colors the best.

So going for that K-beauty look! Can pass ma?

We spent our afternoon at Bau Haus, a dog cafe at Hap Jeong and it was such a great experience! I love animals and especially dogs. My dad once tried his hand at puppy breeding for a short time and I used to spend my school holidays helping out, so seeing so many dogs all at one place brought back happy memories! 😊

Super cute Maltese pup!

MY FAV, this baby German shepherd puppy that was tooooo adorable!! It was soooo furry and floppy and innocent looking that I fell in love with it!

After Bowhaus, all of us headed to Hongdae and we spent hours strolling through the streets, shopping and etc.

We visited Style Nanda too and I wasn't really into the clothes but 3CE makeup was 😍😍😍! I controlled myself and only got three items, but @evonnz went on a spree hahahaa. 3CE is not sold in Singapore so I think it's still worth buying!

PS. Just a random painted wall I camwhored with. Blazer and shoes are my new buys from the previous day at Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre 👍

Photobooth print-out from Style Nanda: they had a photo booth inside the shop! Coolios much.

We picked a random BBQ restaurant along the streets to have dinner at, and it was decent and quite cheap (less than 10,000 won per pax). Thank goodness I love meat so much cos I'm enjoying it to death in Korea! Like a shiok only!

My eyes are closing shut against my will.. Can't update anymore!

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