Dear Dayre,

Mondays are always wonderful. Usually because I get to meet my wonderful bunch of girl pals at work, and lunch is always an enjoyable mishmash of light-hearted gossip with updates on one another's lives, as well as serious-er discussions and heart-to-heart talks! Over our favourite ban mian and Thai basil pork of course.

Not working in the corporate world has really made life very different for our bunch, in the best way possible.

But reflecting upon my life, I really do feel that I am undenieably blessed in many aspects, and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

And somehow, meeting my girlfriends always makes me feel extra blessed too, heh. They are always there to support and encourage, to offer deep insights on anything from work to love life, or just to do silly things and have fun together!

This bunch of amazing people ☺️

So @minpoh who is always the introspect asked me a question which she probably asked herself before asking me,

What do you love about your partner?

Eh.. This question stopped me short for a while. I suppose I have been together with YZ for so many years that I've never bothered to give this question any thought for a long time now.

I paused for a while as I considered the question, and I guess the answer is really very simple.

I love it that YZ makes me feel so comfortable and at home whenever I'm around him.

I love it that he's always open with his feelings, he never plays mind games and he is unabashed in every aspect of loving me, be it positive or negative.

I love his boyish enthusiasm and at times childishness because I'm more of an uptight person and I think he just balances me out like that, the way he does in so many other ways.

I love his simplicity and down-to-earth personality.

I love the sense of security I feel when I'm enveloped in his arms, cos I know he'll never abandon me.

In short, I love how he makes me happy and content and completes me :')

Another nugget of love and encouragement from the dear @reeniepoh 🙊 Thank you for affirming my man, he's happy to hear it!

Life is pretty simple if you can count your blessings and be surrounded by people you love ☺️

On Monday, I also met up with a new potential sponsor/client.

I am always joyed to hear words of affirmation from clients! The marketing executive told me "The boss is a big fan of your blog, she loves it. She thinks you are very relatable and approachable, and would very much like to work with you."

Words like these actually mean very much to me ☺️ I've spent the past four years working hard on two babies: one is The Velvet Dolls, and second is my blog.

I am not ambitious, I just want to be happy, do what I love and love what I do.

This silly monster makes me happy too 😂

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