Dear Dayre,

Weekends = not a break for me and again this Saturday was no exception!

I think I probably accumulated some bad karma in my past life in regards to taxis. After my utterly frustrating journey to the west and back home on Friday, I had to stand in the sweltering morning sun on Sat waiting for a taxi to bring me down to Bras Basah to teach 😭

I tried to call a cab but my attempts were futile. Where is everyone heading on a Saturday morning at 11.30am????!

And because my house is so ulu everytime I call a cab, it turns into the wrong estate and I end up having to make calls to the operator while still melting into a puddle by the road side! Then wait a good 10-15 mins for the cab to realize it's in the wrong estate and make a huge U-turn to get to where I am.

The weather nowadays is crazy. Imagine me all made up in my pretty dinner dress, wearing a blazer over to look presentable to teach, carrying a nice Chanel bag along with another tote bag containing my shoes and music scores for rehearsal, standing by the roadside (kena catcall from mats driving past somemore wtf)

老天啊~你为什么要这样子惩罚我? 😭😭😭

Did I mention that it took me practically 45 minutes to squeeze into this dress in the morning? I love this dress to bits and got it in a UK8 like a few years ago, and since then have only worn it twice. The waist part is soooooo tight on me I was dying halfway through Nadia's wedding dinner hahahaha

Pictures from the photobooth!

I had @evonnz and @shiberty at my table for company yay! And we were sitted with the Nuffies too which turned out pretty amusing haha cos we ended up going off somewhere for drinks and ktv!

It might have been a blessing in disguise that @davienne is stuck in china and couldn't attend the wedding, cos instead we got to know the other Nuffies a wee bit better over dinner conversation and afterwards!

All I can say is, the Nuffies are infinitely cooler than us bloggers @evonnz @shiberty & myself. Embarrassing or what? I think we spend more time hunched over the computer than partying our nights away 😰

Going out on Saturday nights? What's that? I usually stay at home to sleep.

Now the Nuffies know our true colors already. Right @gwenyipsw @karenkay @pr3gnantkow @player1n2? But I also have secrets to share 🙊🙈🙉


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