Dear Dayre,

Jam-packed Wednesday!
I was running to and fro from place to place, 💦

Went for a follow-up at #IDSclinic with Dr SK Tan, and all seems good!! I've been mostly sticking to my new skincare regime from IDSclinic so far and it has been working well for me. Can't wait to share more on my blog very very soon!

Right after skin appointment, I chionged down to Middle Road for Shu Uemuera's new launch: Mika for Shu! 😻

With my 搭档 @evonnz!

It was a whole load of fun with a carnival-inspired theme and games! And we went off with very exciting new products as well: I am most interested in the new Gelato lipstain in that shade of hot pink! 💕

I figured that since I was running so many places in the same day, I would maximize exposure of this gorgeous dress I bought from BKK. Haha! Received quite a number of compliments on it and I love this dress! Sadly bought it in a size that's slightly loose 😭 The size I tried in-store on was more fitted and flattering!

Nvm, intending to manufacture something similar for TVD 🙊

Right after Shu Uemura, @evonnz accompanied me down to Dorothy Perkins at Wisma Atria for an outfit fitting! 😻 Spent some time deliberating over my pieces but I left happy with my choices. Yay to new clothes!

Speaking of which, Korea is gonna be pretty cold when we go over next week! Time to dig out the winter coats again.

After which I had to run off for rehearsal. Super busy Wednesday!

Finally got back home at 11pm and ended the crazy day with a crazy Insanity month 2 day 1 workout. Wtfffffffff I burnt almost 800 kcals???

It was the craziest workout thus far: 25 minutes fit test and 58 minutes of month 2 max plyo workout. We started the workout at like 12 ish and finished at 1.30am?!!!

Only after we had completed the workout in the most 要死要活 way, then YZ checked the schedule and realised that…

We did the wrong workout?! 😱😭😓

Supposed to do "Max Interval Circuit" but we did "Max Plyometric something or other"


FOL no wonder the workout was so inhuman. I guess that means tomorrow's workout will be easier then 😅

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