Dear Dayre,

This totally made my Tuesday! 😂

*Warning: Cuteness overload! And you might want to turn down the volume because of loud squealing*

Sissy Lina is in Cheng du, China for a softball training trip and she took this video of two super super cute baby pandas they are soooooo cute dao cannot take it!

If you don't find these baby pandas cute, 你应该不是人 😂

Why are baby animals soooo cute???

On another note, Insanity has gotten the better of me today. Sigh. Didn't complete full workout due to various reasons! Month 2 certainly isn't looking up. Just the first day alone is 25 minutes fit test followed by a one hour workout.

Are you outta your mind, Shaun T?

Let's talk about the positive things that happened today instead:

👉 Had fantastic meeting at Nestle for a new product that I am so excited about hehehe and I am sure many of you would be too!!

👉 My dear boyfriend drove me all the way down to Changi Business Park for the meeting and then waited 1.5 hours for me. 💕 Appreciate him so much for being such a sweetheart!

👉 We toured Nestle's amazing pantry area hahaa and got to bring back Fruit Tips, Butter Fingers, Milo cereal bars, which I proudly presented to the hungry bf. Muahahaha.

👉 Visited Daddy Goh in hospital cos he had an op done on his shoulder tendon and he was in very good spirits! He'll be back home in a day!

By the way, I'm giving away discount vouchers for Erabelle's Erabrowlogy services on my blog! There's a long and detailed post about the entire Erabrowlogy process, as well as my own Erabrow designing, which I loved!

Can't wait to try the Erabrowlogy myself, really. Pretty brows make me really excited 😂

If you are not convinced with the service standards at Erabelle, here's my before and after Erabrow, I specifically requested for Korean brows, 几美一下?

From shapeless and unstructured brows to a neat striking brow design that helped to lift my features and define them so much better!

More photos and information on my blog, of course.

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