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Dear Dayre,

Spent Sunday recovering from the late Saturday night (only got home at 3 plus and slept at 4?) ζˆ‘θ€δΊ†..

I basically just sat in front of the computer working on my adverts 😲

And if you realised I also skipped workout on Saturday cos no way was I going to jump around after having such a huge dinner (I really let myself go during dinner. My dress was threatening to explode…..) and thus I had to make it up by doing Saturday's workout on Sunday instead! There goes my Sunday rest day!

So my Sunday was spent in the most unexciting manner, I have to admit. Told ya, bloggers are the most unglamorous ever.

Unfortunately I only managed to complete one out of three advertorials! *pulls hair out*

Took me so long just to write one, sigh. Need to work on the other two pronto cos deadline's up!

I was also a bad girl because I didn't have much food at home and I succumbed to… Eating junk food 😭 Had half a pack of Mr Chippy (it's a Filipino corn chip brand, I love it) that has been lying around my room for the longest time and felt immensely guilty with myself right after πŸ˜” But I was really hungry and there was nothing to eat so after that I ate a curry bun that my parents bought home from the market.

Ok, a few bad meals does not equal to giving up! 😀😀😀

I tried to make up for it by working real hard during Insanity workout: Plyometric Interval Training that really got my heart pumping and sweat dripping! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Phew. Burnt a good 400 kcals!

At least I ended off my Sunday well with a good workout and more home cooked steamboat after that!

No Monday blues for me cos I'm going on a short trip with @evonnz, @jaynetham and @shiberty from Monday to Wednesday.. Woohoo!!!! Thanks to #AirAsiaSG and Sabah Tourism Board!

Kinda excited though I haven't packed πŸ™Š Sgoooooooooo!!!!! (Short form for "Let's go", Shaun T always shouts that during insanity workout hahaha)


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