Dear Dayre,

Trying to catch up on my Dayre so I can actually carry on updating it in real time.. It's tough!! But I'm gonna do it!!!

I had some super exciting news that came my way in the form of an email… Best of all, @evonnz and I both received this email invitation!!!

I guess I can announce it since it's more or less confirmed…

We are flying together to Korea next week!!! 🇰🇷

How awesome is that!

Seems like I've been flying a lot of late.. But I think it just so happened that everything sort of fell together into this time frame.

You'll find out what the trip is all about in good time.. ☺️

Feeling pretty thankful for all the positive things that have been happening to me, including the upcoming Korea trip.

But I'm even more thankful and appreciative for the boyfriend (fiancé, or HTB, whatever you wanna call it ya) cos he has given me the green light and blessings to go ahead with this trip, despite some initial disgruntlement on his part.

Ok.. I admit, we had a huge fight about this issue initially, cos TBH, YZ hates it when I travel (especially without him). 😢

But YZ was damn sweet about it afterwards *melts*

I know he really hates it when I'm away from him cos he always misses me very much when I'm overseas 😔

To make him feel a lil better, I sent him a link to this article on Huffington Post:

…To "let go" of someone is to love them enough to let them fly or swim away (or to be themselves) and yet trust that they will always come back.

For if we truly love each other, we have to be willing to "let each other go" to become the best versions of ourselves.

Real love shouldn't limit a person's potential, it should expand it.

We have always struggled with our stark differences in the course of our relationship and it is always difficult to reconcile our glaringly different perspectives and opinions.

But I love him all the more for how he has been "letting go" and allowing me to pursue all my dreams and passions that sometimes bring me miles and miles apart from him.


Thank you, my love.

Just a week before we depart and I am pretty much swamped with work too, yikes. Ain't complaining because I definitely need to earn my keep, all this travelling isn't doing my bank account balance any good, man.

It's all worth it!!! Like @minpoh says, we only have so many good years left. Grab every opportunity while you can!

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