Dear Dayre,

Today was officially @tasteofapple's last shoot for TVD, because she's gonna be embarking on her new career starting next week!


Apple has been shooting for TVD for… Two years? Slightly longer than that I think.

想当年~ Apple was so fresh and "green" in the blogshop industry, and didn't have many long-term modeling relationships with other blogshops.

We kind of hit it off straight away after one studio shoot and she has almost constantly been the face of TVD for two years!

Throughout the two years, I think Apple has grown a lot as a model, and we have always had a very close working relationship because she is honestly one of the best models I've worked with, in terms of work attitude and personality.

For instance, she isn't stuck-up but always helps me with things like steaming apparels, carrying the heavy trolley and stuff like that without my asking! Even when TVD had warehouse sale, she'd volunteer to come down and help too. Not all models are like this okay.

Chioest and most overworked model, lol. Also doubling up as packer, sales girl and 扎工 at times. But she never complains despite rain or shine, and always gives her best in front of the camera no matter what.

We have been doing outdoor shoots consistently for the past year, and outdoor shoots are the worst especially when it's just the two of us, I am the photographer & stylist & helper all in one and she as the model has to even help me carry the clothes, unload the trolley from the taxi etc.

(Using this sticker because look! There's a cute apple in the sticker lol!)

But Apple has been the face of TVD for the past two years not just because we work so well together, rather, because she simply just pulls off TVD apparel with so much flair and grace.

Finding a good model for your brand is one of the toughest aspect of the business. It's not just about finding a pretty model with a good figure, you also need to be able to work well with the model, and most importantly, "要有 feel"!

做 model 其实真的很不简单!

Having had the opportunity to have Apple as the face of TVD for two years, I count myself lucky. It's not easy to find a good model who really has strong synergy with the brand and stayed for so long!

@cherriwong, I also miss you too!! My two 水果 models hahaha 🍒🍎

Of course, now that Apple is moving on to a new career in her life, I am extremely happy for her and only wish her all the best!

From a working relationship, I think we have also gotten to know each other so well, and become good friends!

Every weekly shoot is more like a share and catch-up session when we confide with our latest relationship woes, random juicy gossip and life updates in the midst of photoshooting.

So today was a slightly sad day for us although we tried to keep it light-hearted still! After all, I'm sure I'll still keep in contact with this girl for life.

Apple's first shoot for TVD, Feb 2012?

And today's shoot.

是不是从铁杵磨成针? 💎✨ In other words, from a piece of raw and unpolished stone into a dazzling gem?

@tasteofapple, let's have an 'official' dinner together soon ok! When I'm back from Korea! Treat you one good one, you deserve it! ☺️

And of course, 可以的话, come back and shoot for TVD when you're able to! Hehe. I will miss you very much! And 加油!!! No matter what life throws you, you are a sensible and capable girl. Stay positive always and believe that good things will come your way!

What is the face of The Velvet Dolls?

Apple says I'm very picky towards choosing models and indeed I am.

If you ask me what the requirements are to be TVD's face, here's what I have in mind.

Sunshine smile ☀️
Feminine, but not too girly.
Versatile, and slightly edgy.
Not too young and has got to have a certain classiness and stylishness.
Must have nice legs!! Lol.

I seriously think it's quite hard to match my criteria. So now headache already lor. Anyone thinks you have the potential to be TVD's next top model? 😬 Email me!

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