Dear Dayre,

This is official. Month two of Insanity is a real b***h!

It ain't no joke.

We completed "Max Interval Circuit" today and it was a one hour of craziness. Ffffffffffff there was so much sweat on the floor that we couldn't even do the exercises properly anymore because we were slipping all over on the wet floor.

Gonna have to pull out the carpet tomorrow and see if that helps any!

Month 2 seriously kicks Month 1's ass real hard man. Instead of 40 minute work-outs, you get graduated to 1 hour work-outs, and even the warmups are already killer.

One hour feels like forever when you're suffering through an intense workout. And when you look at the clock timer on the video, it's like WTF THIRTY MINUTES LEFT?? JUST KILL ME ALREADY.

Easily burnt 600 kcals for the one hour workout, which was probably my dinner hahaa. Damn I need to watch what I put in my mouth, considering how hard it is to work it off. 😔 Appetite's been too good lately (as usual).

And unfortunately, I am really not losing weight! Putting on weight, more like it. They say you are what you eat. That makes me very ba-ba cos I love meat 😂

Nonetheless, I've been feeling less lousy about my physique now because I think one month of working out has still definitely seen some results, and I think my shoulders and arms are slightly more toned?

From having difficulties getting through the fit test, I've already progressed to becoming fitter and meaner 💪

I actually did a body composition analysis earlier this week and I was very surprised at the numbers the machine churned out!

Despite a weight gain of about 2 kilos, my fat percentage was at a pretty healthy percentage of 26.8%, which was a pleasant surprise! Probably the lowest I've achieved in recent years.

I wish my weight would go down tho. Buuuuurn, fats, burn!! 🔥🔥🔥

So tonight I wish upon a star that.. I will successfully complete month two of insanity and become a lean mean fat-burning machine! 💫

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