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Dear Dayre,

I slept too much this afternoon and so I'm wide awake now at 1.30am while YZ is snoozing away next to me.

CNY always gets me in a post-festive slump and stupor.. -.- It's all that feasting and eating and doing nothing! Holiday mode on. But I can't afford to indulge for much longer because I have so many plans in store that need to be fulfilled this year!!

Right now, I'm in a contemplative mood and thinking about.. Random stuff.

We were discussing about Dayre and other social media platforms at Nuffnang dinner a couple nights ago, (obviously the topic of social media is very close to our hearts). Ever since I started Dayre, I've made it a point to jot something down every single day, more out of not wanting to break this daily streak than anything hahaa (I'm weird like that)

Sometimes, it's just a quick and boring recap of my day, and other times it's an angry rant or a recounting of past experiences.

What I really like about Dayre is that it feels.. Somewhat private (which is dumb because there are a few thousand people following me on Dayre). I don't know, but it really does feel like an intimate and personal space, though with the welcome addition of lovely readers whom I feel like are virtual friendships that I'm making and connecting with.

In fact, ever since I started Dayre, I've been getting more personal emails from readers and also heartfelt comments posted on Dayre as well, which makes me feel extra happy to be able to "reach out" to people and connect. It took me by surprise actually, to get so much response from readers.

But I'm really glad for it!

I think blogging got a little too public for awhile, and Dayre has helped me find that personal touch to writing again.

@evonnz and I always discuss about social media, what makes this particular person on Instagram like-able, or another blogger annoying, stuff like that. Not gonna tell you who 🙊

It's funny how some people can come across as irritating, or nice, or stuck-up or sweet, just via words and pictures on social media platforms like Instagram or Dayre!

Everyone always tries to craft the ideal image of themselves on social media. But somehow, I believe your true character and personality will actually seep through carefully-crafted words and images.

If you're nice, it will show. If you are not so nice, you can try to hide it but people WILL be able to pick it up with that 6th sense that we all have when dealing with insincere people. Does anyone agree with me that you can just feeeeel it when you think someone is being insincere or just a faker on social media?

Example: Leaving over-the-top compliments on the Instagram posts of "popular" Instagrammers to get attention. Posting pretentious pictures with equally pretentious captions.

Moral of the story is to just be yourself, and not try to be someone else that you're not! Stay true to yourself and you'd be rewarded with genuine interaction and friendship.

I've found that to be the most enriching lesson that social media has taught me.

I love all of you so much for being genuine to me! ✨💞

Good morleng!!! Just woke up 🙊

@evonnz said many people are going to hate me after reading what I said about pretentious and insincere people on social media cos half the world are gonna think it's them HAHA but it's not true!!

I mean, it's absolutely ok to compliment people on Instagram, sometimes I see a really nice picture, or a really super chio face or a wonderful outfit and I feel compelled to leave a compliment too on that post 😀

Or I really feeeeeel a quote and I post a quote with my reflections.

But who knows, maybe many people think that I am pretentious too. 😅 I guess we all wonder what other people think of us, I definitely do.

I'm very grateful for social media, because through platforms like Instagram, blogs and now Dayre, I have actually made real life friends who are amazing people! Wouldn't have had the opportunity to know them if not for social media, and I am extremely thankful!

Two ✨shining✨ examples are @evonnz and @trishaliang!

Trish is my self-confessed stalker. Hahaa! She was a reader of my blog back on Livejournal days and I don't know why she so cute, she PM-ed me on Livejournal (or was it Cozycot) to ask me for my MSN/email.. Then TADAAA! We started chatting non-stop on MSN and one fine day when she was back from Australia and we had that awkward first real life meeting!

We were just talking about this the other day and found it really amazing that we managed to hit it off so well!

As for @evonnz, we knew each other waaaay back on a comic art forum like 10 years ago! Met her a couple of times when we were still teenagers, but always in a big group setting and also I always see her and think "Wah this girl damn hot" I kid you not you see @evonnz so hot now can you imagine her at 18 years old?! All the SYTs of this era cannot fight with Evonne Ng.

I used to be a whale last time so don't really dare to talk to @evonnz somemore her face so dao one.

But once in awhile I always stalk her Facebook page and show my guy friends all her act一个 chio but is really chio profile pictures and say "See?!! This girl super chio right?!"

Who knows 7 or 8 years later I chanced upon her blog "foxyseven" on Livejournal, and we sort of re-connected! And her being the super friendly person that she is, we quickly became fast friends, and the rest, as they say.. Is history.

Then, thanks to @evonnz who has an extraordinary talent to make friends, and make all her friends friends with one another, I was introduced to a whole bunch of other people and somehow became part of her vast social circle 😨

And now, I'm gonna meet said @evonnz for massage session in town HAHAHA need to unwind and relax before going back to work! 💪 And TVD huat dinner tonight! 😊

TVD's CNY dinner at Melben! OMG.. You won't believe how long we queued and waited for our table and food. More than one and a half hours!!!

Introducing some of the TVD girls: you already know @tasteofapple, our current model! Lina, my little sissy, Poh Yee, 2nd-in-command minion and Eils, ex-minion 😬

We are a pretty tiny team but we do our best to keep the business going!

Of course CNY dinner need to lou hei!!! So we lou hei with lots and lots of blessings for TVD! 😬

TVD huat ah! More happy customers, less angry customers!

Huat ah, pray that website got no more bugs and problems 🙏

Huat ahhhh! More free clothes for us? *Eils and Evonne*

You get the gist.. 😂 Only good things and no bad things for TVD this year! No huge ambitions, I just want to run this business and run it well!

More pretty clothes, more happy customers, and everything 顺顺利.

Huat ah!!!!!!

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