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S.E.A. Aquarium! 🐳🐬🐠🐟✨

Dear Dayre,

Family excursion daaaaay!!! 👏🎉 Damn super rare occasion! Only because Gina had free tickets for SEA aquarium so we decided to plan an outing to Sentosa to visit! Daddy loves fishes. In fact my house has so many fish tanks and fishes it is a mini aquarium already. Next time show y'all pictures.

First, we went for lunch at Chinatown. Dimsummmm!

It was crazy packed with tour groups and office lunchers 😨 Dimsum was not too bad! Their best dishes were the fried ones though. None of the usual dimsum must-orders like siewmai, charsiew bao, hargao and etc stood out very much.

💕 With YZ 💕

Randomly, I've always thought that YZ is quite good-looking and charming 🙊 He's got super cute dimples and a boyish smile teehee. *Don't mind me while you guys puke*

Hopefully my future kid has got his dimples, good skin, and maybe my eyes 😂

We picked Gina up from her workplace and all six of us (including YZ) squeezed into the car and made it to Sentosa unscathed 🙊 Pretty festive vibes going on at RWS like these seahorse decorations!

Family group shot 😊

It's my first time to the SEA aquarium and I was quite fascinated with all the fishies! Some of them were sooooo huge! And the dolphins were super cute and playful, showing off my swimming upside down.

Did you see the divers holding up that "sea dragon"? 😂 Damn funny, I think those divers were really enjoying themselves! They were waving at the crowd and everything!

Check out those rainbow fishes, huge manta ray, starfish and sharks!


I honestly thought my parents were as entertaining as looking at the fish. Lolol they kept on going on and on about how this fish could be eaten and that fish could be eaten!

Gina: Wahhh what fish is this ah?

Daddy: *authoritative tone* 不好吃的它的肉不甜.

Wuttt? 😂😂😂
Asking about the fish not asking whether it's nice to eat or not leh!

If not, they would be like,

Daddy: Neh neh this one is that XX fish, can steam and eat one.

Mummy: Wah this fish so big! Can cook and feed 10 people!

Gina: "I think mummy thinks this is the giant fish tank of some seafood restaurant everything moving in this fish tank can eat one."

Shark encounter!!!

So hard to wait until you get photo bombed by one shark. They swim pass so quickly!

Super amused by my parents. I think it was quite a worthwhile trip to the aquarium! Though I had expected it to be slightly bigger with more variety or something. But on the whole, we had a lot of fun! 😊

Outfit shot taken by my trusty man! Mesh top is super love, backorders now available on #thevelvetdolls! 😊


Have you heard of Insanity Workout? YZ and I decided to challenge ourselves to workout using the Insanity Workout videos and it is really insane!!! We are on freaking day 1 and we are already half-dead omgggggg. So weak so weak. It's damn difficult 😭 And today is only the "Fit Test", not even the actual workout FML. I couldn't even complete half of what they were doing onscreen! 😖

The entire workout is 63 days.

Good luck to us 😲

It was more difficult than it looked….

Ok this picture of YZ is not cute at all 😂 *He own self sent this pic on my phone to my grp chat with @trishaliang and @evonnz*

We survived day 1 of insanity!!! 👏👏👏

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips

Must remember that quote for life!!!


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