Hic’juice Day 5

Dear Dayre,

ZAO AN it's Sunday aka last day of juice cleanse! Wah, super happy. I'll be done once I get through today! 👏

As usual, the weighing machine is rather uncooperative and my total weight loss since the start is a grand total of… 1.4kg hahaha. Nonetheless I'm still pleased at having reached the last day of the cleanse!

The process is just as important as the results, and being able to sustain a juice cleanse for 5 days is success enough for me already!

Thus, regardless of what the scale says, I will be celebrating with great cheer tomorrow morning! Woooooo!

Sadly enough today's juice line-up doesn't include my favourite Popeye Smoothie and Nut Milk 😔

Gonna prepare to have my first juice soon!

Ok this juice is pretty awesome! 4 Carats, containing Carrot, Apple, Cucumber and Celery! 😊

Today must be the happiest day of my juice cleanse. Cos the finishing point is right in sight!

I'm so proud of myself. Daddy called to jio me out for Teochew muay for lunch, and I turned him down 😭

I love Teochew muay sooooo much! But it's the last day of my juice cleanse and I gotta stay strong! No succumbing to temptations!

If you plan on doing a juice cleanse, it's a good idea to keep all temptations out of sight. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. It's much easier that way trust me!

Right after Daddy 引诱我 for Teochew muay, my mother had to cook fried rice for dinner.

I also love fried rice! I can don't eat white rice no problem cos it's a waste of calories, but yummy tasty savory fried rice with lotsa ingredients in it is LOVE.


Seriously parents! Don't make it so hard for me leh last night of juice cleanse already!

*乖乖 sips on juice*

Focusing on non-food: Happy that I managed to complete one more advertorial and also take product shots for another one today! 😊

I also happened to take some pictures of my tummy today for an upcoming blogpost and.. Am I pushing it too far to say that I can see a bit of abs already? 😂 Just a leeeeetle bit under my fats but have faint outline hor? *gek到很辛苦*

是不是我自己的幻觉? 🙊


Ok going to bed soon so I can wake up happy 😊😊😊

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