Chillax Sunday ☀️

Dear Dayre,

I had such a super slack Sunday that I almost feel guilty for it! No workout, and ended up not being so productive after all, meh. But I still managed to complete one advert! Wheeeee! Not done with the video portion yet I actually really hate doing videos because they are soooo time-consuming sigh 🙁 Need to finish it ASAP so that I can breath a sigh of relief!

My sissy @zuanqing is flying to Australia tomorrow to study there for a year! (My room is a mess now because she is trying to relocate half of her belongings and clothes there seriously Gina)

So she arranged a meetup with the cousins to catch up before she's gone for one year, tho technically we only see them cousins a couple times a year so even if she's gone for a year she won't be missing much lol.

The truffle fries at Chillax are awesome! 💕💕💕 The fries are crisp and hot, and infused with the fragrant aroma of yummy truffle!

I ordered a beef salad which I really like! Except I felt they were abit stingy with the salad this time.

Nachos! *normal ish*

The ultimate breakfast comes with fries..? Lol kinda weird 😨

A kiddy looking brownie with ice cream cos it was topped with mini marshmallows. Not sure about the taste though 🙊

Then we went over to The Coffee Daily for some desserts! The waffle with fresh fruits and ice cream is fabulous! 💕

Anyone knows what product I'm writing a post for? 👍✨

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