Dear Dayre,

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️
Saw so many pictures of flowers and bouquets on Instagram that I lost count.. 😂 Call it a commercialized festival, but Valentine's Day has really integrated itself into our local culture and I have to admit it's still very sweet to see all the loving couples despite the ridiculous jacking up of prices for food, flowers, services and the likes.

Also, everyone is more generous with their likes on Valentine's Day cos everyone feels extra lovey dovey, hahaha. Really! This picture of a lovely bouquet of roses.. 1.1k likes woah!! I also went around liking everyone's V'day photos cos most of them are so positive and sweet and loving!!

Must spread the love!

Personally though, I didn't have a very Valentiney sort of day, which I was perfectly happy with! 😊

Met up with @evonnz and @davienne for work/business related lunch at Lola's Cafe🍴

You don't know who @davienne is??

She's not just the most 大牌 person managing Nuffnang Sg at the moment (apart from @bossming lah), she's also a very popular Day-re blogger okay?! Seriously her Dayre posts got more likes than mine. How come like that wan 😭

She is also the person that brought me into Nuffnang 3 years ago because she saw the potential in my then-very-haebi (small prawn fry) blog and helped to groom me into one of Nuffnang's talents by giving me opportunities I never had before.

As a manager, she's super efficient, problem solver, smart, and great with handling people.

As a friend, she's very loveable, abit blur cock and sometimes very dumb. Lololol.

But anyways, we had quite a serious meeting today! Talking about serious issues!

And we spent more than two hours over our food and discussing stuff at the same time.

I loved the bangers and mash, the bratwurst sausages are yummy! The food is super hearty though, both Evonne and Wen couldn't finish their breakfast plates. I opted for a salad so it was okay for me!

Might review on the blog so I won't go into detail here.

Well, we hashed many things out and almost flip table about some stuff (@davienne: "I'm very hungry can we eat first before you all flip table??")

Just kidding lah it was an amicable meeting and I'm glad it came to a few needed conclusions.

Nothing to be worried about! 😬

It was also a great catchup with the super busy Wen cos she's always flying off somewhere every other week! Tsk.

@evonnz took this very nice photo for me in Lola's Cafe because they have this very gorgeous backdrop and wall! And I totally heart those rainbow cushions, I need to get some for my sofa in the office! 🌈 Anything rainbow makes me happy 😃

After lunch, I went back home to digest and food coma (entertained thoughts of doing workout before dinner at 6 but decided I was too full from lunch which ended at 3 how to workout like that?) so I decided to be productive and took photos for blog advert! 💪

In case you were mistakenly thinking that I had a nice romantic twosome dinner with YZ, yes we did have dinner together, but with the company of his entire family, because YZ's brother happens to be a Valentine's Day baby! 😬

So we all celebrated together for him! 😊

Super sinned for today man. I was sooo full after dinner (which ended at 8) that YZ and I were gonna take an off day from today's workout and just carry on tomorrow.

But I have this OCD when it comes to doing something consistently (just like I am about posting on Dayre EVERY DAY cos I want to see the yellow boxes in the "month" page of my profile all filled up) and in the end I told YZ to gimme three hours to digest my food and then we can work out!

Thus we started insanity at like.. 12 midnight hahahaha but we still did it!!!!

See Valentine's Day also no break ok we dedicated! The couple that works out together stays together! (Anyhow make up a saying)

Today's Pure Cardio workout was just that, hardcore cardio! I swear, after the warm-ups are done, I already feel like I'm done too. But then comes stretching (which I totally savor cos it's a short break before the shiong part comes again) and then even more hardcore cardio!!!

Worked up a really good sweat today 💦 And the warmups are getting easier (last time first set hae-hae-chuan already now can still tahan until third set) cos I think our bodies are starting to adjust to the working out 💪

I still can't many of the exercises that require a lot of arm and leg power like push up jacks (push up, jump legs forward, stand up, jump, jump legs backwards) so I just modify by doing girl style push-ups or stuff like that.

But it felt really good to exercise and burn off some of the calories from today's too-good food!

Except now I'm so wide awake at 3am and I have class to teach tmr 😨

Reward you guys on Dayre with another post-workout selfie! Sorry for the lack of variation 😂

I'm so glad that we decided to push on ahead and get the workout done instead of taking the easy way out! Also, the muscle aches are getting better too woohoo. Feeling so optimistic now! Almost done with the first week of Insanity! ✨😊

My mushy and sentimental bf (or fiancé, I think it sounds abit act to use that term) decided to dedicate an Instagram post to me, but..


I guess his love letter was so long and wordy that it crashed Instagram lolol.

It's ok bb, I still love you anyways! ❤️

When we first started dating, he was already super long winded. Back in those days no smart phone yet, messages were all via SMS and his messages would span like 5 or 6 messages long?!

You know that function right, like the messages will come in one by one, 1/6, 2/6, 3/6 until it gets the full message.

His one always ended up truncated cos too many words. Hahahaa

I always waited in anticipation after seeing the first SMS come in.. Then slowly wait wait wait until all the messages came in and I could read the entire composition. Teehee.

The feeling is very love one, very warm and fuzzy.

Glad that until now, YZ is still as sweet as ever to me! Despite our Valentine's Day being so non-Valentiney, I have no complains at all cos every day is our Valentine's Day.💘 *肉麻 to the max*

Okay, I need to get some sleep if not I'm gonna be zombie-fied tomorrow! 😰

Happy Valentine's Day and Friendship Day again to all my darlings!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful day! 💋💋💋


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